Monthly Photo Challenge: Noughts and Crosses

The theme for August was 'noughts and crosses'. Here's my selection ... 

Starting with noughts ...

oval shape on a verbena flower

part of an old key

some weights 

buttons on a TV remote

the zero 

marking on a manhole cover

an old doorbell

onion rings

design on kitchen roll

Next, the crosses ...

street sign 

shop sign

a cross formed by trellis

a cross formed by tiles

a cross formed by tiles, version 2

cross head screws

a cross formed by the door panels

and finally, noughts and crosses...

a noughts and crosses game

letter dice

The challenge is to take photos on the set theme; the photos must be taken during the month (no archive photos), a minimum of five photos but there's no upper limit, and there will be a new theme every month. The theme for September is beginning with K', and I'll post a linky at the end of the month Have fun! 

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the August challenge. Here's the linky ... please link to your challenge post, not just to your blog.


  1. HaHaHa - the onion rings so neatly arranged & my what pretty paper towels. Some nice close up work for your crosses.

    1. I had one chance to take the onion rings photo ... as soon as I'd taken it, the onion rings were devoured by L&P. L is responsible for the arrangement!

      The kitchen roll was bought especially for this one photo. I normally buy the cheaper stuff which is plain white.

  2. Some excellent photo choices there and reading your comment above that's dedication to the cause buying the more expensive kitchen roll :)

    1. Thanks Eileen. I bought the kitchen roll early in the month when I was having a bit of a panic about finding enough photos. As it turned out I could have managed without it!

  3. Great interpretation. It really makes you look at things differently doesn't it. Arilx

    1. Yes it does and that's why I enjoy doing these sort of challenges. Thanks Aril x

  4. These really made me smile - specially the cute hedgehog! And I love your noughts and crosses set. (If I may make so bold, I think your Phillips screw heads belong in the noughts and crosses category...)

    1. Thanks Lady Ella. I think you're right about the screws but I won't move them now ... I don't trust Blogger and it's sure to mess up the post of I try to move the photo!

  5. Wonderful finds! I need to do my post!

  6. Great photos! Love the hedgehog.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I thought you'd like the hedgehog!

  7. another great selection, well done, and thank you x x


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