Monday 2nd August

214/365: another gaura

It didn't quite go according to plan yesterday as J was waiting in for a parcel delivery and I was waiting for a call back from my doctor. We didn't make it out to lunch but J came round late afternoon for a coffee, so at least we got to have a chat and she has seen the progress in the dining room.

Today Joy was supposed to be coming round this morning but isn't feeling 100% so we've rescheduled for next week. This means I have the morning free so I'll use the time to do a bit of shopping. I'm almost out of bread and want to top up the salad supplies and I'll have a look in Home Bargains and B&M to see if they have any baskets to hold the Tupperware lids, etc.  I also have my personal training session to look forward to in the afternoon. 

It's the anniversary of my Mum's birth ... she was born 104 years ago today. I sometimes think of all the changes she saw during her lifetime and how she coped with them. I know she never quite trusted electricity as we were brought up to believe that you had to leave the room when someone, usually Dad but sometimes a brother, changed a light bulb! I don't do that now I hasten to add 😂. 


  1. Hard to imagine what life was like for your Mum being born at the end of World War 1 and as a young woman during the Second World War. Be careful with light bulbs though I did see one shatter seconds after replacing it, thankfully I'd stepped back and out of the way.

  2. My mum was 5 years younger than your mum, their world changed so much, mum often said she would love to be me, to be able to use all the new stuff, she loved it when I was the first female in the family to drive, we went everywhere together.

  3. Sorry it didn't go quite according to plan, yesterday, but, J was still able to visit and see your new dining room cupboards. Hope Joy will feel better, soon, and you can look forward to meeting her next week. Hope you have a good shopping trip and find a good basket for the Tupperware lids. Happy birth anniversary to your Mum! I think those early light bulbs were a bit dangerous.

  4. Your mention of your Mum with electricity reminded me of Violet, The Dowager Countess of Downton & her holding her fan to her eyes as she walked past the huge electric chandelier. I often wonder when we are old, what will be the biggest changes & beliefs of those changes we will hold. Hopefully today's adventure out is rewarding with a basket to corral your container lids.

  5. What a fun memory of your Mum! My Mum had wonderful stories of growing up. So many changes in their lifetimes.

  6. Interesting tidbit about your mom. I often wonder if I could have lived in a much earlier time. I guess I would have fared well enough as I would have had to do so. Still I am grateful for all our modern conveniences.


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