Wednesday 18th May

138/365: bacopa

It's a half and half day sort of day today.

The fun half comes first as this morning is set aside for online learning, starting with the nutrition club where the subject for discussion is skin health. That's followed by my weekly piano lesson and as I type this I am mentally kicking myself for not doing as much practice as I should have done this week. I've done plenty of playing but not much in the way of decent practice sessions so I know I haven't made the progress I should have done ... too late to worry about it now though!

The work side of things is for this afternoon as I plan to carry on with the decluttering, not that it's really work but it is something I'd rather not be doing. The aim for today's session is to finish editing the photos of the studio lighting and complete the enquiry form to see if the Bristol company is interested in the items I have for sale. 

Back to fun things for the evening and it's TV night with The Repair Shop followed by the Great British Sewing Bee, before a soak in the bath and an early night.


  1. Sounds like another good day, planned, Eileen. Hope your piano lesson goes well than expected. :)

  2. Oops! That should have been hope the piano lesson goes well; better than expected.

  3. Hoping your piano lesson goes well and the work on photographing your items results in a successful sale. I'm enjoying watching the Sewing Bee and look forward to Wednesday evenings too.

  4. Maybe all the playing will have a good effect on the pieces anyway. Fingers crossed (but not during the lesson). xx

  5. Hi Eileen,
    You have your day very well structured.
    I wish you that you do what gives you the most pleasure.
    The flower is beautiful!
    Have a beautiful Wednesday.

  6. I'm also looking forward to a new season of The Repair Shop. I know that the piano lesson will go well, not only in the playing but knowing where & how to improve. :)

  7. Many thanks for your comments. Unfortunately the day didn't go as planned as I had a migraine and went back to bed. I'm now playing catch up with everything!

  8. I am wondering what kind of tips you come away with for better skin health other than drinking lots of water, eating healthy and avoiding the sun unprotected. Do share, won't you.

    1. Unfortunately I missed the class but the topic is bound to be covered again in a few months and I'll share the info then.


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