The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window ... the forecast is for light rain showers and a moderate breeze ... I'm still in bed, so your guess as to what the weather is actually like is as good as mine!

I am thinking ... that it's time to increase the amount of daily exercises I do. I need to be fitter and I can't deny that my current level of fitness is affecting my life. I have a couple of programmes of exercises that Amy put together for me to follow while she is on her maternity leave but I haven't been as good at following them as I should be so that needs to change. I should be doing them three times a week with a day's rest in between so I should be doing them on Monday (i.e. the day I'd normally have my session with Amy), Wednesday or Thursday, and then the final session on Saturday. I have the time, so I need to be more disciplined and just get on with it! I also want to increase the amount of walking I do, building up to at least 30 minutes every day but with the goal of being able to manage much longer walks without struggling.

I am thankful ... that my sister's health is improving, even though the doctors haven't been able to pinpoint the cause. 

In the kitchen ... I'm busy sorting out all the cupboards and improving the storage. I will need to do some more batch cooking before too long but I want to use up some of the Simply Cook kits first. 

I am wearing ... a burgundy tunic top and black trousers.

I am creating ... a list of words for the next Something Snappy photo group meeting. Also a list of ideas for this year's summer garden and a list of potential destinations for short breaks in the UK. 

I am going ... shopping for new shoes. I can't really wear a heel anymore thanks to the problem with my knee so am on the hunt for some completely flat sandals for the summer.

I am wondering ... whether I will continue with the Creative Yarns group. I've learned to crochet since joining the group but to be honest, it's not ever going to be hobby I love and maybe I'll get more enjoyment from doing some sewing instead.

I am reading ... Dream Town by David Baldacci. It's the book group choice for June.

I am watching ... not very much at the moment. I sometimes watch Pointless and Richard Osman's House of Games but they are currently the only regular-ish programmes. 

I am hoping ... that I can get my act together and start losing some weight!

I am looking forward to ... my plans for this summer. I have tickets booked for day trips to Tiverton for an afternoon on a horse drawn canal boat; a guided tour around London ending up on the tour around Buckingham Palace; seeing Jack Whitehouse in Bath; and a matinee performance of the musical, SIX. There are other day trips I'm interested in but need to book direct with the company as I am a National Trust member so will only be paying for the coach fare.

I am learning ... to play the songs from the musical Les Mis√©rables as part of my piano lesson, and also the prima part of a Scott Joplin rag. It's great fun and I'm honestly loving every minute of it. 

Around the house ...  I'm spring cleaning. Upstairs is done and I just have the downstairs rooms to finish. I still have the last items of decluttering to deal with but am not 'feeling' it so they are currently stacked in the spare bedroom and I'll get round to dealing with them at some stage. 

I am pondering ... whether, in addition to all the day trips, I can afford some short UK breaks. I have already booked one to Cirencester and Kidderminster, and can definitely afford another one to take in Corfe Castle, Wimborne Minster, and Kingston Lacy, but would also like to spend some time either around Snowdonia or near Chester.

One of my favourite things ... spending time by the sea, just watching the rhythm of the waves

A few plans for the rest of the week ... 
  • Thursday: M will be here to tend the garden 
  • Friday: it would have been Ced's birthday. If the weather is good I'll do one of the sightseeing bus tours around Bristol, something I've been wanting to do for years!
  • Saturday: is a 'do as I please' day. There's nothing in the diary at all.
  • Sunday: is a Zoom meet up with L&P
  • Monday: it's the Canasta group this afternoon
  • Tuesday: possibly shopping in town
  • Wednesday: it's my piano lesson in the afternoon and I'll be meeting J for a meal in the evening

A peek into my day ... this morning I'm off to the garden centre ... unsupervised!, and this afternoon I have my piano lesson. 

A quote for today ... "A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine.", Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. It took me a little while to realise this was a list of your inner thoughts. I read you were in bed and then you were wearing a burgundy top and black trousers band and then I twigged but in my defence I have never heard of The Simple Woman's Daybook before. Very interesting indeed xx

    1. I used to do the Daybook posts regularly but maybe you weren't following me then. Glad you managed to sort it out! xx

  2. Enjoy your day out on Ced's birthday.
    Love the quote from RWE, how true it is.

    1. The weather is looking promising for Friday so I will hopefully be able to do the bus tour on his birthday, fingers crossed anyway. I like that quote and think it's a good reminder to make time for play. xx

  3. I enjoyed reading your Daybook post. It sounds like you have quite a few on-going activities and special trips and events planned to look forward to. :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

    1. I never want to do much during the winter when it's too cold to be out and about so am trying to cram plenty into the summer. That's the plan anyway. Hope you have a good week too. xx

  4. A lovely post today, a nice rhythm to it, just like most of your days. I think the bus coach tour of Bristol sounds like one of those adventures that will allow you to see & be within a group & yet have those quiet moments to share your adventure privately with Ced. I have been having some hard conversations with myself in the garden & some of the talk is about whether to remove a shrub or not, "too much real estate for so little return" = decision = gone. Maybe that's the chat you need with yourself about the crocheting group (col). Also my garden is under going a transit of I'm sick of all the distractions = gone . There will be a reveal! :)

    1. Thank Mary-Lou. Hopefully it'll be dry on Friday so I can do the bus tour around Bristol but if not, I will definitely do it before the end of the month. I look forward to seeing the changes you make in you garden. It all sounds exciting. xx

  5. Really good post. I need to oranise my thoughts and put it into something like this.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I like to look back on these sort of posts xx

  6. Such a lovely post, thank you. I'm glad the piano lessons are going so very well and good luck with upping the fitness - it really does help. xx

    1. Thanks Joy. The piano lessons are one of the highlights of my week. Amy has contacted me to say she plans to resume training before too long so that will help on the exercise front. xx

  7. It sounds like you are quite busy - I wish you discipline on the exercise front, as I know how hard that can be.


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