Weekly Reflections

just the trellis panels to be added and it'll be finished!

Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • phoning, texting and emailing with family and friends
  • meeting up with the Ladies That Lunch group after a long break
  • enjoying a return to the cinema with L ... we used to go regularly but haven't got back into doing that since the lockdowns, something we plan to change!
  • finally getting the pergola in place ... it seems so big at the moment but I'll soon get used to it 
  • organising and enjoying another meeting of the 'Something Snappy' photography group 
  • enjoying a morning visiting Joy and planning to go out and take some photos next week
  • adding more dates to my diary 
  • loving my piano lesson and pleased that we seem to have agreed a sensible number of pieces to be working on at any one time ... feeling that my weekly practice is now more focused and I am seeing the progress for myself
  • loving the sunny days ... it's been warm enough to sit out in the garden again

I am grateful ...

  • for S and R's generosity in giving up their Saturday to build the pergola for me
  • for yet more offers of help from S
  • that I finally managed to get an appointment at the GP surgery!


  1. Your pergola will look great when all the plants are trailing along it. Your plans are all coming together nicely and I'm so glad you managed to get an appointment at your GP's surgery xx

    1. I was given an urgent appointment.... for June 8th! Maybe 'urgent' has a different meaning these days?

      The pergola doesn't seem as big this morning and definitely improves that part of the garden. S still has some work to do before I can start filling the planters but I'm hoping to get the climbers in ASAP. xx

  2. What a wonderful week you've had! It's exciting to see the pergola taking shape! Have you decided on the plants you will grow there?

    1. I haven't made a final decision yet but probably annuals like cosmos and sweet peas. I've chosen one rose climber, a red one, but it's currently out of stock and possibly a vine as well. xx

  3. The pergola looks good so far, can't wait to see which plants you put in. I do love sweet peas, they always remind me of my Dad as we grew them at home when I was a child. I am currently looking at a number of shrubs for our garden as we removed some before the new fence was put up, I am looking for something red and or purple, I have a few ideas but haven't decided yet. Helen S.

    1. Last night I had one of those panics and thought it was too big, but today it feels like it's always been there and it finishes the garden nicely. I'll grow some sweet peas for this year, assuming there are plants available in the garden centre .... the roses I like are currently out of stock so I will have to wait for them.

      Good luck with your search for shrubs. xx

  4. That looks SO nice and will be so very pretty when the plants are all in and growing. xx

    1. Thanks Joy. That side of the garden has always been a bit of a 'dead' area so it's exciting to be so close to adding some colour. xx

  5. Replies
    1. At long last! I'm pleased with how it's looking ... and all the neighbours approve too! xx


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