Friday 23rd September

266/365: geranium

Yesterday ended up being a really lovely day. I started the day with a bad case of feeling sorry for myself and my sister and, as the only thing in the diary was the appointment for my Covid booster at 11 o'clock, it could have turned into a pity party sort of day. But, it was lovely and warm with reasonably good light, so I took my camera with me and after the jab was over and done with, I pottered about Westbury for a couple of hours. 

I got a bit side-tracked to start with and did a bit of shopping in Aldi. I've been meaning to have a look around this store for a while but haven't got round to it. There's the potential for savings on the grocery bill, not as much now that the big supermarkets are price matching some of their produce, but there's still plenty of scope for savings. I didn't buy much, just some of their curry kits to try them out and if I like them will stock up (the use by date is 2024), but I think it will be possible to cut a chunk out of the grocery bill by shopping in the Trowbridge store ... I still have Lidl to check out though.

Afterwards, I drove up to the White Horse. I was looking for photos for the SPSH and managed to find four while I was up there, so with the ones I've taken at home, am now only looking for four more to finish the hunt. I have until the end of the month so should be able to find the rest easily.

I had my lunch up there ... for once I was organised and took a food flask filled with chilli and rice, so had a nice leisurely meal just enjoying the views. I wasn't wearing the correct footwear to walk over the hills this time but I did walk along some of the paths and back along the road to see the horses. I really enjoyed myself doing something I've done hundreds of times before but which I haven't done since the pandemic ... the return to a favourite place was just what I needed.

Some good news ... back at home I had a call from the hospital offering me an appointment for next week. It wasn't a good connection and I struggled to hear properly but I think the receptionist said that although they had emergency appointments on every day mine is for Thursday because of the consultant I have to see. It's much quicker than I was expecting so I'm very happy to know that I'll be seen next week. 

It's the nutrition class this morning, dealing with healthy bones and muscles (I think!) but that's the only thing in the diary. I felt so good after my little jolly yesterday that I think I will go out again today and try to find the rest of the photos I need. I have no idea what to photograph for the four prompts I have left so will be looking for inspiration in the park and around the town bridge, and if I don't find anything I can always try in Bradford on Avon instead. 


  1. I'm so glad that the day turned out to be such a lovely day, after all. That's really good news that you have an appointment with the consultant for next week. I hope you have minimal side effects from the booster and have a lovely day, today, too. :)

  2. That's good news you will be seen next week, it's always the sooner the better. Your weather was different to ours it rained all day here. Having a nice day taking photos and eating out sounds just the job. Enjoy your day today.

  3. It does sound like in the end you had a marvelous day. Lots of gems hidden in the ordinary. I've signed up for a workshop through my sleep coach at the university on returning to normal life after the pandemic, it's free, so that's a good start :) I've got about 6 left to capture for the SPSH so I'll be busy over the weekend & you've inspired me to revisit a favourite place we use to visit with our mugs of tea.
    PS: take the prompts as an idea ... push the theme (col).

  4. Sounds like the day turned out to be nice. Glad you managed to take some photos. I'm so glad that the appointment got pushed up.

  5. Sounds blissful, going up to the White Horse with some food, and a relief to have a short wait for hospital.

    We now have a Lidl and an Aldi. For the type of things I buy, I favour Lidl and have no complaints about their produce but I am really not partisan about supermarkets... Dip into them all depending on which I am passing and what else I am doing on that particular day! That reminds me, I have some JL vouchers so probably need to go to a Waitrose soon (though I must admit that some of the prices in there do shock me for stuff that is only marginally better quality, if at all. Last time I was in there it occured to me that things on the reduced counter were still more expensive than at full price in Sainsbury's!) ;o)

  6. How nice that a little re-exploring did the trick to brighten your mood. Saving some money on the grocery bill is always a good thing. I recently tried a new store and found a couple of the staples I normally buy, much much cheaper. Luckily it is close to other errands I need to run on an occasional basis, so a regular bi-monthly or so stock up trip will be on my agenda going forward.


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