Saturday 17th September

260/365: the cyclamens are in flower

It felt very autumnal yesterday morning. I woke in the night feeling cold and had to add another blanket ... it's definitely time to put the summer bedding away and pull out the warmer bedding. It was a bright sunny day but there was little warmth in the sun and the chilly breeze did nothing to raise the temperature. It was only 18ºc in the living room first thing but it did warm up as the day progressed and it turned out to be a lovely day. 

However, it was still cold when M arrived so we only did a speedy review of the garden and played around with a few ideas next year. I wasn't planning to do any of the new planting until next year but M (being the bad influence she is! 😂) would like to get the new roses in as soon as possible so I will speak to S over the weekend and see when he is thinking of doing the work, as one of the roses is destined for one of the new planters. I'll leave the rest of the garden info until I write my garden update post next week.

I contacted a different local U3A, this one is in Westbury which is about 7 miles away. It doesn't have an Italian language group but does have an interesting history and archaeology group which I'm very interested in joining. They also have a photography group that isn't meeting at present and a book club that meets monthly on a Monday afternoon. It's quite a small organisation so group sizes tend to be small, which I'd prefer, so I've written to the membership secretary and if I get the answers I'm hoping for I will be joining them. I also managed to make most of my appointments ... no luck with the GP obviously but I'll try again next week. 

H will definitely be here today. She ran out of time yesterday so stayed an extra night at her Mum's home and will be coming to see me before she drives home. She hasn't given a time but I'm not planning to go out and will just potter until she gets here.


  1. That Blogger glitch has happened again and your blog has disappeared from my sidebar but I know the way to come here directly. It definitely is feeling autumnal now but not cold enough to put the central heating on. Hopefully you will be able to join some groups you are interested in. Enjoy your weekend and time spent with your friend.

    1. I noticed the glitch is back but the blog labels have moved to the bottom of my sidebar rather than completely disappeared. Again I can't access those blogs because it's just the html script visible.

      I'm with you and not turning on my heating yet. I'll cuddle up with blankets if it gets too chilly, but for now am sorting out some warmer clothes.

      I've joined one of the groups with the new U3A and there's potentially four more I'd like, though I doubt I will do them all.

      Thanks Eileen. H stayed for lunch and left about an hour ago. It was great to see her again and we've arranged to meet up again soon.

  2. Your garden will be so beautiful. You are putting so much thought. I suspect that now is the time to plant roses, but don't quote me. Good luck with the U3A

    1. I think it is the right time to get the roses planted but I'm still undecided on varieties so it will have to wait for now. They can still be planted as long as the ground remains frost free so I still have a bit of time to make my choices.

      I've joined the U3A and will write more about it in Monday's post.

  3. The cyclamens look very pretty and colorful.
    It sounds like it is cooling down quite a bit, over there! It is cooling down over here, too. Not quite as cool as your temperatures, but, a 30F degree drop makes a big difference!
    I'm glad you found a different U3A group and found some interesting groups to try. Glad that you were able to enjoy a nice visit with H, too. Hope the rest of your day is going well.

    1. I love the cyclamen at this time of year. I have some pale pink ones as well but there's no sign of them yet.

      Yes, autumn is definitely here and is treating us to colder mornings and nights but I love this time of the year so no complaints from me. A 30ºF drop in temperature must have been a shock for you so for your sake I hope it warms up a bit over there!

      Thanks Bless, I'm hoping the U3A will work out. It was lovely to see H and catch up with all the news.


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