Thursday 22nd September

265/365: cosmos

The news from the optician wasn't as good as I'd hoped. The retina isn't damaged but he has referred me back to the hospital as he thinks the mole on the back of my eye has changed shape/size. I should get an appointment through within a month (they are running behind, it's supposed to be within two weeks!). In the meantime I've been given a couple of things to do to test my vision every day and if XYZ happens I have to go straight to the A&E at Bristol Eye Hospital, not the RUH at Bath where my appointment will be. The need to go to Bristol worried me a bit but he said it was to save time as that's where I will have to be treated if XYZ happens.

I can't really worry about it though as my sister has managed to trump me! She has a hospital appointment in a couple of days following a blood transfusion and an iron transfusion. This is to for them to start investigating what the problem is. I'm holding on to the fact that she's at home, not an in-patient, and am hoping they can find the cause quickly and that it is treatable.

I have my Covid booster this morning so that the hight spot of the day! I don't have much else to write about as I didn't do anything once I got home from the optician yesterday ... all too difficult with dilated pupils and blurry vision! Sorry it's a bit of a gloomy post ... I'll try to cheer myself up for tomorrow. 


  1. I'm so sorry you have had such rotten news and your sister not being in good health either. Sending my very best wishes to you both. Take care and take things easy and i hope your appointment comes through quickly xx

  2. We spend far to much time worrying about everything, I hope it all is sorted for you without too much of a wait, have a good day today.

  3. Keeping both you and your sister in my prayers for good health. I hope your medical appointments will go smoothly and everything will work out well.
    Love those striped cosmos, by the way! They look like someone painted them!

  4. OH dear about the eye exam, but wonderful that you have been given a plan for follow up. Yeah that you are getting your booster early on. In Ontario the booster isn't open for booking for all until next Monday. Sending positive healing vibes & prayers your way.

  5. I'm sorry it's not such good news. The flower photo is lovely


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