Thursday 1st September

244/365: a thank you gift for sewing the name tags on the new school uniforms 

Yesterday had a lovely gentle flow to it. I did just enough to feel productive, had plenty of time to relax and read, and then spent the evening at J's home to watch three more episodes of Reacher. 

I'm aiming for today to have the same sort of pace. So this morning's plan is to make a huge pot of chili, tackle the next two items on the housework list (about 20 minutes effort), and do some more piano practice. Then Kate will be here at midday to finish sorting out my laptop; I'm not sure how long this will take so I haven't made any plans for this afternoon, but if she finishes early enough I intend to place adverts for some of the decluttered items. 

There's no binge watching of Reacher tonight so I'll catch up with the TV programmes I've missed - Shetland, Fake or Fortune, and Hobby Man - and also watch the next episode of A Farm Through Time. 


  1. What beautiful flowers - such a lovely thank you.
    Your day sounds great - enjoy! xx

  2. That's a lovely bouquet of flowers! They look great on your new table! I'm glad yesterday had such a nice pace and hope today will be, too.
    We are having a bit of a heat wave, so I am staying indoors and trying to keep cool! :)

  3. Such beautiful flowers and a thoughtful gift. I hope you have a lovely day.

  4. Beautiful flowers! I love Fake or Fortune, this week was about a Modigliani sketch, one of my favourite artists!

  5. A beautiful bouquet of pink flowers - how very thoughtful & kind. Sounds like a nice rhythm to the day yesterday; let's hope that you have a few more like it :)

  6. Those flowers are a lovely thank you - and I'm sure very heartfelt. Sewing name tags on his hard.

  7. Beautiful flowers. How lovely to receive them.


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