Sunday, 20 June 2021

Weekly Reflections

 Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • chatting with family and friends
  • enjoying lunch with J - our first face to face meeting in about a year
  • enjoying a picnic with L and P in the garden
  • the watering duties are so much easier with hose pipe
  • planning the next stage of the garden planting, and
  • having a reason to buy some more plants!
  • trying out some new recipes
  • watching the finals of The Great British Sewing Bee and The Great British Photography Challenge - happy with the result of one of them, not so pleased with the other one!
  • treating myself to a bunch of peonies
  • achieving a big leap forward with the last of the items to be decluttered

I am grateful ...
  • for electric fans!
  • for online ordering and home deliveries 
  • for rain for the gardens

Lifestyle changes
  • exercise (30 minutes minimum every day): achieved 
  • weight: no change, which is a huge relief considering all that I've eaten this week!

End of Lockdown Adventures
  • In the next 7 days: try my hand at photographing birds this week - A complete fail! Must do better next week! 

  • In the next month (up to the end of June)two trips to National Trust/English Heritage properties by the end of June - Started: spent an afternoon at The Courts Garden

  • In the next 12 monthscomplete twelve items on my post lockdown list. I've booked tickets for two events but that's all so far.


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely week. It's so hot and I find I'm not sleeping too well but yay for electric fans. It's actually raining here now after us having had a very dry week but I'm pleased for the garden as it needs it.

    1. It has been a good week although I could do with it being a bit cooler. I don't sleep well either when it's too hot so am feeling a bit sleep deprived today, but I've had a lazy day indoors - we've had rain all day.

  2. Lots of great reasons for being cheerful and grateful! Hope you will have an equally good week next week and achieve your bird photography goals. :) Have a lovely Sunday, Eileen.

    1. I'm hoping next week will be productive - I'm planning to declutter something every day! I've swapped bird photography for a visit to the garden centre though I'm hoping I can do both.

      I've had a lazy day today (Sunday), and hope you and your daughter are enjoying your weekend.

  3. What a nice week you have had! Enjoy the Sunday! :)

    1. Thanks Irune. I hope you have a lovely Sunday too.

  4. This post reminded me to watch the Photography Challenge, which I have just done. I agree with you about the result. Bonkers! And the feedback generally lacked substance, I felt. Assume that you were happy with the Sewing Bee. Mentioning no names, me too ... although I really loved the flowery evening gown!
    Glad you had a good week.

    1. Yes, very happy with the Sewing Bee results and yes, loved the flowery evening gown.

      There were aspects of the Photography Challenge series that I enjoyed but on the whole it was frustrating and the result was a joke. I though the feedback generally was poor and sometimes contradictory, except for Chris Packham in the first programme. I'm not sure that I'd watch another series of they make one.

      Hope you had a good week too and that next week brings you lots of smiles and joy.

  5. Found this review. Quite interesting, FWIW:
    I just thought the format was too all over the place. The assignments were poorly explained, little guidance given and then the feedback was woolly. I don't feel that Rankin and/or the producers really knew what they were looking for themselves! For me, the worst thing about the result was how little credit was given to those who had pushed themselves hardest and learnt the most.

    1. I agree with your assessment and with the Telegraph review. The Chris Packham slot stood out as the best bit from the entire series for me and I thought he offered constructive criticism and guidance to all of the participants. Rankin was a poor communicator for this type of show and in some ways was contradicting himself.

      I agree about the result. The two who just did their own thing got the credit and the other four, who all tried to implement the advice and had stretched themselves, were overlooked.