Wednesday, 30 June 2021

SPSH - 1st Link Up

It's time for the first link up and I've managed to find photos for 9 of the prompts so far. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's photos and sending a big thank you to Mary-Lou for organising the hunt. 

No 9: something older than you - a small collection of stone age arrow heads

No 10: the delivery van/truck making the deliveries - two for the price of one, the Tesco van outside my house and a DPD van on the corner by the white house.

No 18: upside down, right side up - playing cards

Previous posts can be seen here:

No 2: Something To Represent Home But Not The Building, No 3: Head In The Clouds; shapes or interesting patterns, No 7: What's In Bloom, No 11: The Shape of Round/Circular, No 17: an exit  

No 7: What's In Bloom

Alt B: a local landmark

The complete list for the 2021 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt is:

  1. A Breakfast of Champions
  2. Favourite Time of Day
  3. Something To Represent Home But Not The Building
  4. Head In The Clouds; shapes or interesting patterns
  5. The Art Of The Fold
  6. Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy
  7. What's In Bloom
  8. Window Views
  9. Something Older Than You
  10. The Delivery Van/Truck Making The Deliveries
  11. The Shape of Round/Circular
  12. Something That Is Cause For Celebration
  13. Your Marie Kondo Moment – Or Not
  14. Inside Your Fridge Or Cupboard
  15. Your Best Doodle Art (not public graffiti)
  16. A Guilty Pleasure; Something That Recharges You
  17. An Exit
  18. Upside Down, Right Side Up
  19. Steps, But Who's Counting
  20. Decades Of Sharing; find something in your home that is from the 70's or80's or 90's or 00's


A: show off your COVID safety; masks, cleaning, or other related supplies

B: a local landmark

C: the most beautiful landscape photo of the season

There's plenty of time to find your photos so please join us if you'd like - the more the merrier. It honestly doesn't matter if you don't manage to finish, the aim is to have fun. Patio Postcards organises the SPSH and the rules are detailed in this post.


  1. Eileen thank you for joining in with the SPSH. WOW to your collection of arrow heads, those are a fabulous find & not just for this search. I like your upside down, right side up find, I would never have thought of playing cards that fit the bill perfectly. :)

    1. The arrow heads are fascinating. They belonged to Ced but I don't know if he found them or bought them.

      The playing cards aren't what I had in mind for that prompt but I just 'saw' it when I was playing a game of patience. I'll still look for my original idea though.

  2. The playing cards are a brilliant idea!

  3. Lovely photos, Eileen. I especially like your #2 photo - Something to represent home, but not the building.

    You see things outside the square. :)

  4. Those are all great photos! I especially liked the playing cards for no. 18! And how lovely to get two delivery vans in one photo! :D I'm late with posting my photos (but, it is still the 30th over here!)

    1. Thanks Bless. I might repeat the playing cards image with a more colourful pack of cards but really I want to attempt my original idea for that prompt.

  5. Your arrow heads ae amazing and the playing cards are a great choice.

  6. Great choices. I like the card idea.

  7. I have a good idea for right-side up, upside down, but it will take some effort. Yours of the playing cards is fabulous! The two-for-one was great, too.