Monday, 7 June 2021

This Week ...

I have a full week to look forward to which feels so good, all fun activities and none of the dreaded housework until the weekend. 

Social: it's choir practice tonight as usual and I'll be chatting with J and with L at some stage. I'm also hoping to see P & L who are travelling to Oxford and will call in on the way, but it's dependent on how busy the roads are and them making good time. 

Online Classes and Talks

Today: Photography, History in Music

Wednesday: Nutrition Club

Thursday: Indian Cooking 

Friday: Journaling, Nutrition Focus  

Health and Fitness:

I'm hoping to complete 30 minutes of walking every day, still in 10 minutes slots, and one longer walk possibly around one of the local country parks. 

Home and Garden

Home: As last week, I did the bulk of the housework over the weekend which leaves the week free to do what I want. So far, this arrangement is working well as I still feel more comfortable to be out and about if I am able to avoid times when the public spaces will be busier. 

Garden: I'm planning another garden centre haul on Tuesday and that'll be it for now. I've ordered some naturalizing crocus bulbs for the front garden but they won't arrive until September and I still need to choose some others, probably cyclamen, nerines and snowdrops. This week I have to decide on which water butt I want and place the order. I'm thinking of getting this one or maybe two of this one. I also need to finish sorting out all the gardening things in the garage.


Food: I'm out of salad stuff and getting low on fruit so I will need to go shopping, probably on Tuesday on my way home from the garden centre. It's definitely salad weather at the moment so there won't be much cooking this week.

End of Lockdown Adventures

  • meeting a friend for coffee this week, venue still to be decided
  • two trips to National Trust properties by the end of June - planning to visit either The Courts Garden, Lacock Abbey or Stourhead this week
  • attempt some bird photography

and finally, Hobbies:

Reading: A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier

Italian: 15 - 20 minutes daily practice 

Piano: 30 minutes daily practice


  1. I try to do my housework during the week and leave my weekend free but that doesn't always work out but I don't know why. It definitely is salad weather and that is good in every way. Enjoy your week, I'm sure you will.

    1. I used to do the same as you, leaving the weekends free, but am trialling changing things round while I'm choosing to avoid being out at weekends. It's going well so far.

      Hope you have a good week too x

  2. During all these lockdowns, we also avoided errands/curbside pick ups on the weekend. As for your water butts (we call them rain barrels) I like the first one because it gives a place to plant more flowers, although the 2nd one has a very unique texture to it. We have 4 rain barrels, 1 at each corner of the house, two in the back garden are like big, really big terra cotta urns that I can plant flowers in & the other 2 are just dark green round barrels, but they both face the front, so blend in better.

    1. I think it'll be the first water butt. I'm waiting for my nephew to look at it before I order as I need a grown up to check it'll fit in the available space!

  3. Hello Eileen,
    I like to see your plans so disciplined. The organization is very good to avoid wasted time, being always busy.
    Have a good week.

    1. Thanks Ailime. I get bored easily so like to have plenty of ideas for how to keep myself occupied. I hope you have a good week too.

  4. It sounds like you have a nice week to look forward to, with some socializing, walks and outings, and online classes (I see you've added a new journaling class), as well as housework, gardening, and hobby time. Doing housework over the weekend so you have the week days free to go out when places are less likely to be crowded sounds good. Enjoy your week and the nice weather. :)

    1. The journaling class is only 30 minutes long and the blurb about it suggests that you use this time to plan for the following week. I may only attend the first session but am interested enough to see if it will benefit me.

      So far the change to doing the housework at the weekend suits me better as I have all week to please myself, knowing that all the chores are done and I can enjoy myself without feeling guilty!

      I hope you have a good weekend too xx

  5. Sounds like a really full and busy week!

    1. Yes, there's plenty to keep me occupied this week. 🙂