Wednesday, 23 June 2021


 In the garden ...

I didn't get much done yesterday. I took the tutor books to the collection point as planned but then came straight home and straight to bed with a migraine. The medication stopped the pain eventually but I felt sleepy for the rest of the day so I didn't push myself to do anything ... today will be a much better day!

As soon as I've eaten breakfast I'll potter in the garden for a while, mainly for some fresh air but there's bound to be some deadheading to do ... I can see that in the first photo! It's the nutrition class at 10 o'clock and then I'll look through my clothes to see what I can let go. I've lost enough weight for some of my clothes to be too big now 😊 so they can go, and also the items I've kept hold of 'just in case' ... there's bound to be some. It can all go out for the next kerb-side collection, which I think is tomorrow and can count as today's decluttering effort. 

I have a short list of admin type tasks to do today which won't take long. I have a coin collection to sell so want to make appointments with a couple of dealers to get a valuation, and the same for a collection of car related badges and caps. I still need to arrange for a plumber to come to sort out the water supply to the external tap at the back of the house, and arrange for a decorator to quote for painting the spare bedroom. I also need to make a doctor's appointment, which should be easy but will probably take longer than anything else on the list!

I missed out on the quiz etc. last night and went back to bed instead. This afternoon I'll watch the box set on catch up TV.


  1. Hello Eileen,
    Your flowers are so beautiful!
    I liked all three, especially the poppy.
    Sorry for your migraine, but today, better, you'll do all the tasks you set out to do.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Thanks Ailime,the poppy is probably my favourite too. I'm feeling much better today and am getting on with clearing my to-do list.

      Hope you have a lovely day too.

  2. Very pretty photos of what's in bloom in your garden. Sorry to hear about the migraine & hope it has "left the building" so you can enjoy today.

    1. Pinks and purples with a bit of white and the odd splash of red ... all my best colours in one place!

      I'm feeling much better today thanks, and no sign of the migraine returning.

  3. Sorry about the migraine, but, glad the medications worked and you are feeling better, today.

    Your flowers are all so very pretty! Love the colors on the fuchsia and that poppy is just stunning!

    Yay for losing enough weight to have clothes that are too big for you! Well done on getting them out of your wardrobe!

    I hope the rest of the day has been good and you have accomplished everything on your list. Hope tomorrow will be another good day.

    1. It's early Thursday morning as I write this. I had a good day yesterday, migraine free with just that after feeling of tiredness. I'm back to normal today, so a relatively speedy recovery this time.

      I'm pleased with how the garden is coming on. M texted me last night to see what I've bought .... I don't think she was expecting such a long list!

      I managed to sort out one big bag of clothes and that's now outside awaiting collection today. Of course this means I need to replace a few items but that's long overdue anyway and I can buy the next size down now 😊

      I had a lovely day yesterday thanks Bless. I didn't finish my list as I wasn't pushing myself too much but will carry on today.

  4. Sorry you didn't feel well. I hope you don't get them too often!

    1. I've suffered from them all my life unfortunately. I'm currently in a pattern of one every 10 to 15 days but don't always need to stay in bed because of it.