Sunday, 27 June 2021

Weekly Reflections

 Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • chatting with family and friends
  • getting some bargain plants from the new-to-me plant nursery
  • gifting the recorders and tutor books to C & H, and
  • spending a laughter filled hour with them
  • having a speedy recovery from a migraine
  • indulging in some retail therapy
  • making progress with the decluttering, donating music books and clothing to charity
  • enjoying time in the garden, and
  • getting excited as the plants purchased online have arrived
  • appreciating the small changes that signal a return to something resembling a normal life
  • getting out of the house and going for a long drive 

I am grateful ...
  • for the Satnav in my car
  • for C's offer to help catalogue the video equipment I want to sell
  • for Joy's contribution to the decluttering - plenty of bubble wrap so I can pack the camera equipment properly
  • for the generosity of my sister - another bag of books and three huge garden pots 

Lifestyle changes
  • exercise (30 minutes minimum every day): achieved 6 days out of 7 
  • weight: no change!

End of Lockdown Adventures
  • In the next 7 days: visit the garden centre at Market Lavington this week - Achieved

  • In the next month (up to the end of June)two trips to National Trust/English Heritage properties by the end of June - Started: spent an afternoon at The Courts Garden

  • In the next 12 monthscomplete twelve items on my post lockdown list. I've booked tickets for two events but that's all so far.


  1. Sounds like you had a very good week. Great that you are having some help with selling your camera equipment, I hope that is a huge success for you. I'm hopeful for a swift return to normal life now, these restrictions have gone on for far too long. Have a good week ahead.

    1. I have had a good week thanks. C's offer to help with the photography stuff will make the job so much easier. It's time for it all to go and I'll benefit from all the extra space as well as the money it will realise.

      I'm ready for normal life although I don't think it will ever be quite the same as before - for me that means some good changes but a couple that are not so good but anything is better than the solitude of lockdown.

      I hope you have a good week to look forward to.

  2. You had a great week full of activities and good moments despite the migraine.
    I also had a good one with plenty of reasons to be cheerful and grateful.
    Let's hope we have a great time next week too! :)

    1. It has been a good week. It feels more normal despite the restrictions still in place and my own caution at taking too many risks.

      I'm glad to hear you have also had a week filled with plenty of reasons to be cheerful and grateful.

      Here's to a good week for both of us! x

  3. No change in weight is good because it means you haven't put anything on! Arilx

    1. Thanks Aril. I'm getting frustrated with it but not gaining weight is definitely a positive! x

  4. Another week of lots of good reasons for being cheerful and grateful. Your flowers are lovely; the roses are my favorites, but, the clematis is my favorite color! The lack of any weight loss must be frustrating - I guess you've hit one of those plateaus they talk about. My own weight seems to fluctuate within the same 5 lbs., from day to day!

    1. I think it's been a pretty good week, all things considered. The way the garden is coming on plays a big part in my enjoyment of life at the moment.

      The weight loss is frustrating but at least I'm not gaining. I suppose I need to change things up a bit but don't really know what to do for the best. Mine doesn't fluctuate from day to day as much as yours though.