Monday, 21 June 2021

This Week ...

I think it'll be an 'at home' week as I am expecting several deliveries ... all plants! The forecast has improved from last week and instead of the promised week of rain it looks like we'll have mostly sunny days, so I should be able to get out for a walk on most days in the evenings. 

Social: There's no choir practice tonight. It was supposed to be the end of all lockdown restrictions today so M left the evening free for people to celebrate. She'd arranged her own celebration so, even though restrictions are still in place, she can't run the session tonight. 

I'm going to see my nephew and family instead. I'm taking a set of recorders (sopranino, treble, tenor and bass) plus the relevant tutor books round for Misses C & H - I gave them descant recorders when they needed them at school.  I don't plan to stay long and it may be a doorstep visit but it'll be lovely to see them (and it helps with the decluttering!). 

We haven't arranged dates and times but I will also catch up with J and with L, hopefully in person but it may have to be phone calls.

And finally, I'll see my sister at some stage this week. We're doing an exchange of goodies - she has books and a couple of bigger pots for me and, once the relevant delivery arrives, I have a couple of Foxglove Panther plants for her.

Online Classes and Talks

Wednesday: Nutrition Club

Thursday: Indian Cooking 

Friday: Journaling, Nutrition Focus  

Health and Fitness:

I'm attempting to tweak the daily walking to complete the 30 minutes in one session rather than the 10 minute slots I've been doing. I'll also do at least one of the 20 minute exercise videos and possibly an online Pilates class over the course of the week.

Home and Garden

Home: The focus is on decluttering this week. The aim is to move something out of the house every day this week, starting with taking some instruments and tutor books to my great nieces today. I have a stack of music books to take to the Oxfam collection point in the Sainburys at Bradford on Avon and a few bits and pieces to take to a charity shop. I've decided to have a final go at selling some of the items designated for the auction house on eBay and/or Gumtree, so will also make a start on that this week. I plan to clear the table in the dining room and set up to take all the photos tomorrow with the aim of getting the ads placed by Thursday.

Garden: I've ordered some of the new plants for the next stage of the planting and the majority of them will be here this week. Today I'm off to a new-to-me plant nursery at Market Lavington who have a 50% sale on and I'm hoping to pick up the rest of the plants I want. I'll also be looking for some additional pots but don't know if they have much choice so may delay those purchases until the September sales start.


Food: There's not a lot happening on the cooking front this week which is probably just as well after yesterday's mishap. I really fancied a tuna pasta bake; tuna isn't my favourite but every now and then it's the only thing that'll do, and yesterday was the day. I followed my usual in-my-head recipe and it looked lovely as I took it out of the oven but I was really disappointed with the flavour. I'd nearly finished before I realised that I hadn't added any tuna!

For this week I have plenty of meal choices in the freezer as well as a fridge full of salad stuff and fresh veg, so it's going to be an easy week for meals. 

End of Lockdown Adventures

  • visit the garden nursery at Market Lavington this week
  • at least one more trip to National Trust/English Heritage property by the end of June 
  • complete a minimum of twelve items on my post lockdown wish list within twelve months. 

and finally, Hobbies:

Reading: listening to an audiobook, The Red House Mystery by A A Milne - see Divers and Sundry's post here 

Italian: 15 - 20 minutes daily practice, plus investigate the possibility of a local conversation group 

Piano: 30 minutes daily practice


  1. Oh no, a tuna pasta bake with no tuna, just a pasta bake then! Fingers crossed for the sunny days as it definitely turned much chillier this weekend. Shame about missing the choir practice tonight hopefully rearranged for quite soon. Sounds like a nice week ahead for you, hope the decluttering and selling goes well.

    1. Yes, just a pasta bake and a disappointing one at that!

      I've been chilly all day but it looks like it should warm up from tomorrow thankfully. I haven't quite resorted to putting the heating on but I have spent the evening wrapped in a blanket.

      There will be an extra practice tacked on at the end of term. Our next session is next Monday as she runs other choirs during the week so it isn't possible to fit one in sooner.

      I'm hoping that I can make big inroads into the pile of things to be decluttered. I just need to stay motivated!

  2. I did laugh & laugh at the no tuna in your tuna bake ... so are you still craving a tuna bake? I often crave a tunafish sandwich but it's the one fish that Mr Man cannot abide the smell (he's allergic to fish), so I can only satisfy that craving if I'm out on my own ... out on my own, what a memory, it's been 16 months - I'll say no more! Oh I do like that Foxglove Panther.

    1. No, the craving has gone for now!

      I've ordered the foxglove panther in the link, the purple one, and have ordered another one in pink, which is listed as The Pink Panther! I had to get it just for the name!

  3. It might be an "at home" week, but, you've plenty of things planned, including a couple of trips out to visit your nephew and family and your sister, plus the planned visit to the new plant nursery. That's at least three more trips than I plan to make this week! :D

    I'm sorry about the tuna-less tuna pasta bake! It sounds like something I might do! If you still have the tuna, maybe you can make another pasta bake, with tuna, this time! :D

    Wish you well with the decluttering! I haven't decluttered a single thing - I suppose the zucchini I've given away don't count?

    Have a lovely week, Eileen. Enjoy the nice weather that has been forecast. :)

    1. I've visited the nursery and my nephew's family today so that's two crossed off the list! I still feel anxious about going out so I hope that it gets easier in time.

      I still have the tuna but have gone off the idea of a tuna pasta bake so it can stay in the cupboard for now. I don't know what I was thinking about, clearly not the recipe!

      I'm hoping it will be a productive week as far as the decluttering is concerned. The instruments and a few books went to the girls today and I have a huge stack of books to donate to charity tomorrow so I've made a start at least. Sorry Bless, the zucchini you've given away don't really count as decluttering 🤣

      I hope you have a lovely week too x