Monday, 14 June 2021

This Week ...

It's another fairly full week which, once again, I'm looking forward to. 

Social: it's choir practice tonight as usual. The outdoor workshop has been cancelled as only a few people signed up to attend, so I won't be missing out and there will be an extra online session to make up for it. I'm not sure whether the lack of interest was due to anxiety about mixing in a large group or due to clashes of commitments, so it'll be interesting to see what happens when the in-person practices resume. 

I'm hoping to meet J for lunch on Wednesday but it depends on her other commitments, and I have a Zoom meet arranged for one evening with E, P & L when we are hoping to take part in a quiz or do another online escape room. 

Online Classes and Talks

Today: Photography, History in Music

Wednesday: Nutrition Club

Thursday: Indian Cooking 

Friday: Journaling, Nutrition Focus  

Health and Fitness:

I'm hoping to complete 30 minutes of walking every day, still in 10 minutes slots, and also re-introduce the daily knee strengthening exercises, which I've stupidly let slip and am now paying for! If that goes well, towards the end of the week I'm hoping to re-introduce one of the 20 minute exercise videos.

Home and Garden

Home: The weekend housework routine is going well and I seem to be more focused with only the two days to fit it all in. I have found that, so far, I am not looking for all the excuses under the sun to avoid getting started! I also have a short list of odd jobs, each one of which can be completed in under ten minutes, so I'm hoping to clear that list this week.

Garden: I think it's just a week of enjoying the space. M will be here on Friday for a bit more planting, give some attention to the two existing climbers, and carry on with the weeding. That list may change because we are forecast rain from Wednesday to Saturday so, depending on conditions on the day, only the new planting may get done. 


Food: I'm reviewing my meal plan for June/July. I don't plan for specific days but have a list of suggested meals for each week so it's flexible and suits my needs. I have lots of new recipes I've added to my folder which I still have to try out so some of those have been written into the plan. To start with, this week sees the addition of four new recipes in the meal plan; I don't usually try quite as many new recipes at once but there are no new ingredients so everything should be fine from an allergy point of view. I have to finish off the shopping list and then hit the shops either this afternoon or tomorrow. 

End of Lockdown Adventures

  • take some photos of birds this week
  • at least one more trip to National Trust/English Heritage property by the end of June 
  • attempt some bird photography I've revised my yearly goal as it was a bit too wishy washy, so this goal is now to complete a minimum of twelve items on my post lockdown wish list. This was something I created during lockdown of all the places I'd like to visit and things I'd like to do once it was safe to do so. For now, this will have to be limited to places I can easily drive to but hopefully I will feel more comfortable about train travel in the not too distant future so that I can visit and tick off some of the more distant places. The first three things, in no particular order, are: visit one of the cathedrals on my list, eat fish and chips at the seaside, and visit Corsham Court. Of course, it all depends on access to some of the places on the list as I know that some of the cathedrals are still restricting access to parts of their buildings so I wouldn't be able to see the one thing I'd be wanting to see, so I'll just need to be flexible - there are plenty of ideas on the list so I shouldn't be lost for places to visit!

and finally, Hobbies:

Reading: listening to an audiobook, Young Prince Philip by Philip Eade  

Italian: 15 - 20 minutes daily practice 

Piano: 30 minutes daily practice


  1. I do like how you plan your week ahead and adventures. I can relate to the looking for all the excuses under the sun to avoid getting started on the housework, I will now have to do mine day and tomorrow! Well done on your routine working well for you and enjoy your week.

    1. I find it helps me to plan my days. I keep it flexible but I do better emotionally when I have some structure in place. Leaving the chores to the weekend is currently working for me so I now have the week free for whatever I want, which suits me at the moment. I hope you have a good week too x

  2. Looks like a good week ahead. I'm another one that likes to make lists & plans. It helps me to keep moving forward & blend in fun with must dos. I think for many of us returning to activities & situations that require face to face, may take some time for any comfort level to develop, so I do hope choir practice is one of those that gives you the confidence of safety protocols in place to allow for that joy of singing together, voice to voice, happens.

    1. I'm not at ease with the return to the in person choir practices so am hoping that enough of the others feel the same and the online sessions can continue for a while. This is more to do with the venue than the people although I'm now not sure that there will be strict safety protocols in place which is yet another concern! On the plus side, I am gaining confidence to do my solo trips and feel reasonably okay about the shopping. I suppose we will all find our way back and just need to appreciate that everyone will do it in their own timescale.

  3. Sounds like you have another nice week with several planned activities to look forward to! I'm glad the choir practices will continue to be offered online for the time being, at least. I think a slower, more cautious approach to opening up and doing things in person is better. My state (California) is scheduled to remove all restrictions and open up fully, effective tomorrow! I am not sure how I feel about that! But, I will continue to stay home for the most part!

    1. Our final stage of removing restrictions has been postponed for a month which is a relief as cases are on the increase again. I'm the same as you and will continue to stay at home for the majority of the time. I'm meeting a couple of friends outdoors, both are as cautious as me, so we are taking it very slowly.