Weekly Reflections

Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • chatting with family and friends
  • receiving my first state pension payment ... I'm officially a pensioner!
  • enjoying a quick catch-up with M when she was here to tidy the garden
  • receiving my first few Christmas cards
  • disposing of some more of the decluttered items by gifting to family and friends, and by selling a few more items
  • enjoying a Thai green curry takeaway
  • learning to play Christmas carols on the piano
  • discovering a freesia in bloom in the garden
  • buying the Christmas editions of the Radio Times and TV Times - I've started on the puzzles first and will choose what I'd like to watch later in the week
  • being invited to take part in a photography challenge with friends in 2022

I am grateful ...
  • that I live in a caring community (one of my neighbours checked to make sure I was okay as he hadn't seen me around for a few day, which I thought was an incredibly kind thing to do)
  • for the online resources that enable me to maintain regular contact with friends who live so far away
  • for all the home comforts I have when so many people, even in this country, live in poverty

Lifestyle changes
  • exercise: 
    • 45 minutes daily walk. I've been walking regularly but not sure that it amounts to 45 minutes every day 
    • 30 minute workouts twice a week. complete fail! Again!
    • 20 minutes daily knee strengthening. Achieved 
  • weight: no change 


  1. Welcome to the world of the golden oldie !!
    You've had a lovely week, haven't you?

    1. Haha, the most exciting part of this new stage of life is that they pay me to be a member and I get a bus pass 😂

      It has been a great week, thanks xx

  2. Yay to being a pensioner, being proud and being paid for it :) Sounds like you've had a good week.

    1. You forgot the bus pass ... that's the cherry on the top!

      It has been a great week thanks. Hope yours was good too xx

    2. I don't want to upset you but we get our bus passes in Wales at age sixty and before pension age but I agree it's the cherry on top for you.

    3. 😂😂 okay ... {trying to be grown up about it!} ... the cherry on the top is now slightly squashed and tilting, but I've got my pass now so I'm still a happy bunny 😀😀

  3. I really enjoy reading your lists. Congrats on being a pensioner!

  4. A lovely list of things to be cheerful and grateful. We don't get any free bus passes, here! Seniors (62+) get a discount (and if you qualify as a low income senior, there is a bigger discount), but, there is still a charge!

    1. Thanks Bless. Our bus passes entitle the bearer to free travel but only within certain times of the day, i.e. not rush hour. If you want to travel outside of those times you have to pay the full ticket price.


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