Thursday 1st December

335/365: lofos

The kitchen is a mess! I'd just finished emptying the three wall cupboards when H arrived ... early! At the time I was okay about leaving it as I have to move some of the shelves before I can put things in their new places but this morning I am thinking it was not such a good idea ... hindsight is a wonderful, although to be honest it was obvious at the time that leaving it was not such a good idea! So sorting out that mess is my first job today.

H wants the old dinner service, but then forgot to take it with her so that's still here for now, but at least it's sort of dealt with. Next time I see her I'll put it in her car straight away! We had a belated birthday meal, a Chinese takeaway, and then planned some things for next year so my 2023 diary pages are starting to fill up.

Today I'm hoping to meet with J for a birthday lunch. It all depends on whether she can take a break from work but if it doesn't work out we'll meet next week instead. I'm also still trying to load my photos for my monthly photo challenge post so hopefully that will get that published today (I published the WPSH list yesterday in case you missed it!), and I have a box of items to sent away for valuation. It won't amount to much money but the company is offering an extra £20 in addition to the valuation price as an incentive so I may as well see what they offer. Whatever I get will go into my camera fund. There isn't really much left to sell but I was able to find a few things when I did a quick trawl through the house. I've also decided to sell off the rest of my cardmaking stuff which hopefully will sell well at this time of year. I can't see that I will use it again so I may as well add the money I get for it towards my camera fund.

I can open the first door on my Advent calendar today. I've chosen a puzzles one so I'll show you what I get tomorrow. 


  1. I love your social calendar at the moment.
    As you say - hindsight! It won't take long to get it sorted, I am sure. xx

    1. Haha, we start on L's birthday celebrations next week!

      In the end I couldn't remove the pins that hold the shelves in place so I've put everything back and will wait until I can get someone to help me! xx

  2. Hope you get your kitchen cupboards organized, today. And hope you are able to meet with J for lunch today or next week. Sounds like you'll be celebrating your birthday almost until Christmas! LOL. Hope you are able to upload your monthly challenge photos. I will publish my photos tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely day, Eileen. :)

    1. I had to put everything back in the cupboard because I couldn't reposition the pins that hold the shelves in place. I'm hoping I can get some help at the weekend and will do it then. Also no lunch with J today as she couldn't get away. Despite those two disappointments, it's been a productive day so far catching up with household chores, loading photos into blogger for tomorrow's post (took ages!), and looking for some more items to sell. I.m looking forward to seeing your photos tomorrow. xx

  3. Let's hope that your kitchen gets put back together with ease. Too bad the pond is in the way, I'd be interested in your card making items :)

    1. No such luck and everything has been put away until I can get someone to reposition the shelves! If pay travelling costs and all other expenses I'll bring all the card making goodies over for you to see 😉xx

  4. Hi Eileen,
    You always have tons of tasks to do!
    I want you to be able to do everything successfully.
    Slowly goes the distance and everything will be done.
    Regarding the paintings in the Mafra Palace, I think they are from the period, judging by the protections they have around them.
    I wish you happy December.
    (Your flower is beautiful, with raindrops).

    1. I'm nearly at the end of sorting out the house so as we move into next year, things will eventually slow down. I hope they do anyway!

      Thanks, re the painting in the Mafra Palace.

      Happy December to you too, Ailime. xx


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