Weekly Reflections

338/365: the pomegranate, still tiny but it has doubled in size 

Reasons to be cheerful ...

  • phoning, texting and emailing with family and friends
  • enjoying birthday celebrations with L ... a long awaited afternoon tea
  • rearranging two cupboards in the kitchen (after S repositioned the shelves for me)
  • packing up another box of donations for the charity shop
  • adding more supplies of soup to the freezer, all cooked in my IP
  • making a start on the 2022/2023 WPSH, four photos taken already!
  • making a start on my monthly photo challenge, seven photos taken already!
  • another birthday celebration with H, a Chinese takeaway this time
  • starting my Advent calendar; it's filled with wooden and metal puzzle which are just challenging enough to keep it fun
  • buying my new dinner service and passing the old one on to H
  • placing the order for my new garage door
  • playing the piano again after too long a break
  • sorting through my Christmas decorations without getting all emotional this time!
  • adding more dates to my diary
  • receiving the results of my recent mammogram ... all normal

I am grateful ...
  • to neighbour S for his help again this week
  • for central heating, snuggle blankets and oodies now that the temperatures have dropped
  • for the beauty at the end of autumn with misty mornings, spiders webs, and frosty breath 

Lifestyle changes
  • daily walk: Achieved but mostly indoor walks
  • weekly personal training session: Achieved
  • twice a week - 2 x 10 reps of each of three exercises: Achieved


  1. That pomegranate looks perfect! Oh, wow, you've made a great start on this month's photo challenge and the WPSH, too! I'm so glad to hear the good mammogram results. :)

    1. It just has to survive our winter now!

      I'm always enthusiastic at the start of the scavenger hunts but never seem to keep going! I'll be panicking as we get near the end and I haven't taken all the photos I need.

      I'm more than happy with the mammogram result. My next one is in three years but after that, I don't know as over 70s in the UK don't routinely get called for them.

  2. Lovely lists. Small but beautiful. I always remember eating the seeds with a pin!

    1. Snap! We always ate pomegranate seeds with a pin as well. xx

  3. Lots of lovely reasons to be cheerful.


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