Monthly Photo Challenge: Beginning with L

The theme for January was 'Beginning with L'. Here's my selection ...


a loaf of bread, ready to be removed from the bread maker

a long corridor in the hospital

the entrance to the library

inside the library

lettering on the doors at County Hall

my laptop

lineage, part of my family tree

loo rolls! 

Leicester Square on the Monopoly board

Liverpool Street Station on the Monopoly board

Letraset pens

felt letters

lined paper (for handwriting practice)

packs of laminating pouches

lock openers, also called keys!

musical terms, lento (slowly) and legato (smoothly)

words beginning with L in an English - Italian dictionary 

the Gryffindor lion 

a liquorice sweet packet, sadly empty!

bottles of lime and lemon juice

a camera lens

shoe laces

The challenge is to take photos on the set theme; the photos must be taken during the month (no archive photos), a minimum of five photos but there's no upper limit, and there will be a new theme every month. The theme for February is 'square(s)'.  I'll post a linky at the end of the month. Have fun! 

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the January challenge. Here's the linky ... please link to your challenge post, not just to your blog.


  1. Replies
    1. 'L' was really easy, I could have taken double the number of photos and still not finished my list! xx

  2. Love your selection, well done

  3. A wonderful selection of photos. I'll have to look for sweet liquorice, I love liquorice. I'd be stopping to look at all the art works in that long hospital corridor :)

    1. I bought the sweet liquorice in Aldi if you have one of their stores near you. The art exhibitions in the corridor are always good. They invite local artists to apply to display a collection and they are all for sale. I think it's a fund raiser for the hospital and they get a commission from the sales. xx

  4. Lock Openers ... ha ha ha Quite the L collection :)

    1. Haha ... that's what they do! 'L' was one of the easier letter to find options for! xx

  5. Lots of good ones as always! I thought of library but didn't get myself down there in time - in any case our local library is not as nice as yours! (Your hospital looks unfeasibly clean, too!) Loaf was a great idea, ditto laces and liquorice. If only I had thought of this as an excuse to buy a packet! ;o)

    1. Our library is inside County Hall and there's plenty of space but I still prefer the old library with the high windows and the dark wood panelling .., just like a proper library should be. This particular hospital is always clean - this is a photo of a second floor corridor so it doesn't have quite the same traffic as the ground floor does. I'll admit that I hadn't thought of doing liquorice but it was right by the till so a spur of the moment purchase when I saw it. xx

  6. Lots of lovely photos, Eileen! "Lock openers"! I love it! :D Thank you for hosting this monthly challenge. Off to look for squares!

    1. Thanks Bless. Glad you liked the lock openers! Good luck with finding lots of squares xx


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