Wednesday 30th November

334/365: a misty November morning

I'm counting yesterday as a good day! My parcel arrived as promised and I'm now the happy owner of a new dinner service; the plates are smaller which will help with portion control ... hopefully! My grocery delivery arrived but there were some things missing (carrots, eggs, and basmati rice) as well as a couple of odd substitutions which I didn't accept (Vitamin C tablets instead of the Vitamin D I'd ordered and frozen spicy wedges instead of Maris Piper potatoes), so I'll need to go shopping later today for those items at least.

I started boxing up the old dinner service but will wait to donate it as H has hinted that she would like it. I also emptied the cupboard under the kitchen sink and found some casserole dishes and roasting tins that I can't remember using in the 9½ years I've lived in this house. They're the biggest of the dishes and tins that came from the old house and were used when we had friends round for meals but I can't see that I will ever use them again so will ask family if anyone wants them or  donate if they don't.

I finally placed the order for the replacement garage door and paid the deposit ...  this is with the first company that quoted who I thought was expensive but who turned out to be the cheapest. Installation will hopefully be in mid January but I'm waiting for them to phone back with the actual date. I was hoping it could be done in December (so I could meet my target!) but it will be good to get it done and it'll be another thing to tick off on the list. 

I checked out the local gyms and have chosen the one I'll join on Thursday. This one is not only the cheapest locally but has a special offer that brings the cost of the premium membership down to the same as the standard one, so will allow me to take Amy with me up to four times a month.

I played the piano yesterday and am thinking about restarting lessons in January  ... I've been letting my practice slip since I stopped the lessons. I'm not sure whether I'd be better off looking for a different teacher, whether to abandon exams, or what I'm wanting to achieve. I really like C so don't want to change to a new teacher but can't decide whether I think the lessons will work if I'm not studying for an exam. It needs some more thought!

Today I'm expecting another delivery but am hoping to do the bits of shopping that were missing from my order before I get the notification of the time slot ... what could go wrong? When I get back I'll carry on with sorting through the kitchen cupboards and then try to work out how to post photos from my phone ... it wouldn't work when I tried yesterday. Tonight I'm meeting with H for a belated birthday meal. 


  1. That mist makes me think it might be quite cold over there. I'm glad your new dinner service was delivered! Too bad your grocery delivery didn't include all the items you ordered and you now have to go grocery shopping in person for the missing items. Sounds like you got a lot done, yesterday! Hope you have a lovely day, today, and enjoy your birthday meal with H. :)

    1. It's currently 6°C but should get to 8°C by lunchtime. It feels colder than that though!

      I'm rearranging the cupboard the dinner service will live in today ... just waiting for a plate rack to arrive and then I'll get started. There missing groceries are a bit of a nuisance but H has offered to pick up what I need on her way here so that will save me going out today.

      Thanks Bless. We're getting a Chinese takeaway, H's choice, and will eat it here while we watch a film. xx

  2. It sounds like a really good day. I'm so pleased that the chine works for you and yes, I have found that using a smaller plate results in smaller portions - a Good Thing in my book.
    I think that, as long as it's all organised, you can tick off the garage door target, don't you?

    1. I find I don't procrastinate as much if I just potter about and end up getting more done! I'm really pleased with the new china. I've been wanting smaller plates for a while so these fit the bill and hopefully will help me control my portion sizes. Strangely, although the plates are smaller, the cereal bowls are slightly bigger than normal.

      I could tick the garage door as completed but then I won't have anything to tick off when it's actually done .... I could always add another check box to my list though, couldn't I? 😂😂 xx

  3. Lovely misty morning photo. A few years back, I bought "lunch plates" rather than dinner plates, which were more like platters, I'm in the camp of small plates, make smaller portions, plus your eye thinks it's a full on plate of what ever & don't we eat with our eyes first. :)

    1. Thanks re the photo. Yes, we do eat with our eyes first so the plate will look fuller even with a smaller portion now. I'm hoping that helps kick start some weight loss. xx


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