Advent Day 10/Weekly Reflections

Reasons to be cheerful ...
  • phoning, texting and emailing with family and friends 
  • getting to see J's new home and catching up with all our news
  • celebrating my birthday and Christmas with friends from the book group 
  • enjoying a joint birthday celebration with L
  • enjoying the arrival of Christmas cards in the post
  • receiving an invite to this year's Christmas street party, organised by one of my neighbours
  • adding some more dates to my diary
  • hearing that my niece is expecting her second child next year ... that'll be two new additions to our family in 2024, one in February and one in June, plus friend's daughter, BLH, is expecting her first child in February
  • loving completing my daily Advent calendars
  • attempting to play carols on the piano ... I've remembered the ones I worked on last year and am adding a couple more this year
  • watching a few more episodes of Better Call Saul on Netflix
  • closing the curtains against the dark night and cuddling up under warm blankets indoors
  • managing to publish a blog post every day this week!

I am grateful ...
  • for a warm home, clean water on demand, and well stocked cupboards and freezers
  • that I have options about changes I need to implement. I know that so many people are not as fortunate
  • for the NHS and the support I am getting to address numerous health issues


  1. It's been lovely to see you blogging again Eileen and I'm enjoying seeing your Advent calendar come together. You have wonderful reasons to be cheerful and I'm so glad your health issues are being taken care of xx

  2. I love this post - it makes me smile. It's so lovely to have you back blogging again. The puzzle is looking good. xx

  3. I echo your gratitude comments, Eileen. I too am grateful for the same.
    I sometimes forget how much I do have and for this I thank you for reminding me.

  4. I am also very pleased to see you back blogging, have a great day. Helen S.,

  5. We're enjoying our Advent jigsaw too, its a very Christmassy one. I like yours ,so will look for a different one next year.

  6. Those are some wonderful reasons for which to be cheerful and grateful! I, too, have enjoyed seeing your daily posts and hope you will continue to do so in the new year, too. :)


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