Advent Day 8


Yesterday didn't quite go according to plan as I had to give swimming a miss. I fell twice during the morning when my knee gave way, so I didn't feel confident about driving (it's too far to take a taxi) and wasn't sure how I'd manage in the water. I'm disappointed to miss a lesson but I think it was the right decision.

I have personal training early this morning, which I will attempt. Amy is very good at adapting the exercises to what I can manage so, if necessary, I will be able to focus on seated exercises to take the strain off my knees.

Today's social highlight is a visit to friend J's new home. It's on the other side of town so I'll take a taxi if my knee is still playing up but I will definitely be going. She's not long moved in so I don't know how far she's got with the unpacking but I'm looking forward to seeing the place and hearing her plans. We'll be sending out for lunch so once I get there I'll be able to sit with my leg up and rest it.

I love looking around houses. I'll see Joyce's today and when I get home will be checking the Internet again for new listings posted for sale during the past three days. I'm helping two friends (so two different properties) look for new homes and am having a lot of fun spending their money for them! 


  1. I'm so sorry to read about your falls. It's great to look around houses online now I occasionally do it if I see one for sale although I couldn't afford or wouldn't have the energy to move home now.

  2. Very sorry to hear of the two recent falls, Eileen. Hope that you can still get to visit your pal. Looking for properties for others must be an entertaining process! Enjoyable!

  3. What a shame you had to miss your swimming, hopefully with rest your knee will feel better. Enjoy your visit to your friends new house. Helen S.

  4. Sorry to hear about your falls; hope you weren't bruised or injured in any way. Too bad you had to miss the swimming, but, better to rest your knee for a day or two. Hope the personal training went well. Enjoy your visit to J's new house and your meal together. Happy house-hunting for your other friends!

  5. I'm sorry about your falls and your knee. Take care and give it rest if needed. Better to take a couple days off any physical activity than to do more damage!

  6. I'm sorry you';ve had a couple of falls and I hope the knee gets stronger again soon. xx


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