Advent Day 7


I have a quiet-ish day today. The only thing in the diary is a 45 minute swimming lesson this afternoon and I'm planning to take it easy for the rest of the day. Maybe a bit of piano practice and some online puzzles, but definitely some reading. 

The swimming lessons are going well. I've been focusing on front crawl and have finally cracked the breathing, then last week we started learning the breaststroke. They now teach a more streamlined style than I originally learned as a child so it's a bit like starting from scratch. The legs are definitely harder than I remember and the new style definitely causes knee pain, so for now I am doing a hybrid of breaststroke arms and crawl legs. I am enjoying it more than I thought I would and am gradually building my confidence in the water.

Yesterday's meal with L was good fun and we've decided to meet up again some time between Christmas and New Year. As soon as she has confirmed her own arrangements with her son, we can arrange the date for our get-together ... I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Hoping the day has gone restfully and quietly. Well done with your swimming progress.

  2. Well done with your swimming lesson. I have never been able to swim and going to a cold open air swimming pool with school where basically non-swimmers were ignored didn't help.

  3. I'm glad the swimming lessons are going well. I loved swimming as a child, haven't done it for years now.


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