Advent Day 3

the puzzle after three days

Well, best intentions and all that! I didn't get all the washing done yesterday but I'm not taking all the blame for lack of progress and I'm not complaining either. The first load was in the tumble dryer when friends L & P dropped in for a surprise visit. "We won't be staying for long" they said ... I finally waved them goodbye as they drove off just after 9pm, 10 ish hours after they'd arrived! It was lovely to see them ... it's been ages, and we had loads to catch up on. They bought food with them; a homemade chicken curry for lunch which we ate with rice and naan bread from my cupboard, and pizzas and savoury bites for the evening. It was delicious. 

At the moment I feel a little bit flat after yesterday's excitement but friend N will be here later this afternoon so that'll cheer me up. He's bringing the food for our meal and I'll be cooking it. We'll probably spend the evening watching 'Better Call Saul'. I think we're on to series three now and, after a very slow start, I'm glad we stuck with it.

I've lost track of the days and realise that it's Sunday today, so I'll finish off with a few weekly reflections.

Reasons to be cheerful ...

    • phoning, texting and emailing with family and friends 
    • enjoying a surprise visit from L&P
    • celebrating my birthday ... two more birthday meals next week, and then the Christmas celebrations start!
    • adding more dates to my diary 
    • despite the health issues, I'm liking the direction my life is taking
    • loving all the comments welcoming me back to blogging ... they are very much appreciated even though I can't respond to any comments at the moment
    • making good progress with my swimming lessons

    I am grateful for ...

    • more books gratefully received  from my sister
    • the generosity of friends giving me lifts so I don't need to drive everywhere and can rest my knee
    • central heating and warm Oodies!


    1. Nothing beats surprise visits of friends with food.

    2. Sounds wonderful, a full day's visit spent with with good friends and enjoy your day today with N. You've reminded me to get my Oodie-type out of the wardrobe, I still feel chilly with the central heating on. Your puzzle is looking good xx

    3. How lovely having a surprise visit with your friends. It sounds as if you had a great day. Helen S.

    4. Oodies are a great help with the temperatures we have been having recently, aren't they? I love mine. xx

    5. Friends who visit and bring food with them are some of the best friends! Too funny that they said they weren't planning to stay too long, yet, they brought dinner with them, anyway! LOL.
      And you have another visit from a friend who will be bringing the ingredients for dinner! How nice is that?
      Your puzzle is looking good! I'm happy to see the many things you have to be cheerful about and grateful for this week. So many blessings!

    6. Sounds like you're having some lovely visits with friends. The puzzle is coming along nicely


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