Advent Day 4


I have a social day to look forward to. It's the canasta group this afternoon, which I always enjoy (despite one member who always rubs everyone up the wrong way!). I'm not sure if this is our last meeting until we break for Christmas so I will take the greetings cards to hand out to everyone ... which makes me sound so much more organised than I am. First I have to find the boxes of cards and then I have to write in them ... guess what I will be doing this morning.

This morning I have a very short list of chores to do. The final load of washing is in, I want to 'shop' from the garage freezer and move this week's meals into the kitchen one, and then start a shopping list for my next supermarket delivery. If there's time, I have a library book to return but it's not due back yet so it won't matter if I don't return it today ... I still have time to avoid a fine. 

N is providing chauffeuring duties this afternoon so in return I've offered to feed him. Since the clocks changed, canasta has started an hour earlier (to avoid having to drive home in the dark). As I usually give two others a lift it means that I now have to leave home by 12:15, so I need to eat lunch much earlier than I'd prefer and it's just a bit of a nuisance. I don't really understand the need for the earlier start as the rest all live close to the town and drive home via streets with good lighting, unlike myself who lives in the next town so have to drive home via country roads that don't have street lighting. I lost the battle though, so will just have to put up with it!

I think N will be here tonight, for a meal at least. Until I look in the freezer, I have no idea what that will be but there's bound to be plenty of chicken, so maybe some sort of pasta bake. 


  1. I love the advent calendar I think I will get one for next year. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I do like your advent calendar jigsaw.
    I had a visitor call yesterday bringing Christmas cards but like you I have not made a start on mine yet and I have more to buy.
    Enjoy your canasta meeting today and time spent with your friend. xx

  3. Another one here who hasn't written any cards yet, I had best get a move on as I have one to go to the USA, but I have made them all. Helen S.

  4. I really like seeing the puzzle each day. It's certainly a different advent calendar!

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. :)


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