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All those promises to cross your fingers worked! My new oven was installed yesterday, as agreed. It was a different team and they were shocked that the previous pair hadn't sorted out the issue with the oven housing there and then ... it would have taken them about 15 minutes maximum, and they could easily have done that and completed the installation instead of me having to wait another week. 

Anyway, it's done now and I'm happy with my choice. It's white, even though it looks grey in the photo, and I'm glad I made the decision to return to having a double oven. One is a conventional oven and the other is a fan oven and both will be used, although I prefer the conventional oven, especially for baking. My nephew is coming round tonight to refit the skirting boards (plus a few other things I need done, but he doesn't know about them yet!). 

Today's must-do task is to pack for my trip to Hayling Island. We're leaving very early on Friday morning and I'm busy tomorrow,  so it has to be done today without fail. Apart from that, I don't have any other plans so will attempt to finish reading the book group choice before we leave for our weekend break. 


  1. Yay! You have your new oven! What's the first thing you are going to bake in your new oven?

  2. So pleased your new oven is in and it looks very smart. I did think the original delivery guys could have at least tried. but never mind, all's well that ends well xx

  3. Lovely new oven. We need a new one but money always seems to disappear of late, no idea on what though, food seems so much more expensive as well as bills and more bills. Oh well, at least I have a house and am warm and fed so I accept I am lucky.

  4. That's good to read, looking forward to see what you will be batch cooking in the new ovens. Helen S.

  5. Three cheers. It looks great and you will have fun getting to know it. xx


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