Wednesday, 1 April 2015

91/365: A is for ... the Apple Glass

So far this year my decluttering efforts have been focused on the things I want to get rid of.  All very necessary as there is so much that needs to go, but this month I'm having a bit of a change and will be looking at the special items I want to keep.

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First up is the apple glass. 

The apple glass brings back such vivid memories of my childhood.  It was part of a set that was gifted to my Mum and I can remember so clearly the day she brought it home.  It was a surprise gift to my Mum as a thank you for demonstrating the work to someone who was new to the job.  The woman in question was Hungarian and only spoke a few word of English, but Mum somehow managed to explain what to do and, for a few weeks, kept an eye on her until she was settled in and at ease with the work.  The woman (I don't know her name) painted this herself and presented it to Mum.  Here's the full set. 
I must have been about seven years old and can remember Mum arriving home from work with a parcel - a box holding some things wrapped in tissue paper.  Mum placed the box carefully on the kitchen table and told us (my sister and myself) to sit down if we wanted to see.  I can remember we were still wearing our summer uniforms - yellow and white striped shirtwaist dresses with brown cardigans - and our brother who'd been looking after us moved to stand in the doorway, sort of casting his shadow over the table.  Mum carefully unwrapped each piece and placed them on the table, just looked at them, and then cried.  I think it was this emotion that made this memory stick so vividly in my mind. I can remember my 14 year old brother asking why she was crying (typical man!!) and then Mum explaining that it was just because someone had taken the time to paint this especially for her. 
The set was put in pride of place at the front of the glass display cabinet, which I think every household had at that time, and I can remember sitting in front of the cabinet from time to time just looking and checking it was still there!  My favourite piece right from the start was the apple glass, chosen I think because at that age I didn't like pears! 
Mum treasured this set until the day she died and I chose to keep them when we shared her things.  I can remember talking about the day Mum brought it all home and being shocked that the two siblings who were there with me had no memory at all of that occasion.  It's strange what we do and don't remember, isn't it?


  1. They are very beautiful Eileen and I can see why you treasure them.

  2. Just lovely - and the story behind them is wonderful. I have 2 siblings and we each seem to remember different things about our childhood. It is strange!

  3. What a beautiful glass and story to go with it. I have just seen this challenge! it looks fun. I might post to Instagram. I have two brothers very close in age to me and we all remember things differently, I love it when we get together and start on the "do you remember when?

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog (A Bench With a View) and your comment. At first when I read this, I thought you were going to be getting rid of this set, but then went back and re-read it and saw that you were keeping it. What a wonderful story and such beautiful work! I'm all for decluttering, but not something as memorable like this :)

    looking forward to following along during the challenge :)


  5. What a wonderful story about a beautiful object. How lovely that this was made especially for your mother - it shows just how much her caring attitude meant to that lady and that you have chosen to keep it keeps everything about that day alive still. I am so pleased I found your blog if this is a taste of what is to come :)

  6. Oh lovely! .... want... want...want!

  7. Memories are a funny thing. Nice share and the glasses are beautiful.

  8. Those glasses are definitely beautiful... This coming from a guy who has an unfortunately low appreciation of visual art :P

  9. How fabulous those glasses are! I can imagine your mom's joy of them and why they held such a special place in the family. I am glad you are cherishing them as well.

    A to Z Challenger #425

  10. That's such a pretty set!