Monday, 6 April 2015

96/365: E is for ... the Egg Cup

So far this year my decluttering efforts have been focused on the things I want to get rid of.  All very necessary as there is so much that needs to go, but this month I'm having a bit of a change and will be looking at the special items I want to keep.
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Although this egg cup is very similar to one I had as a child, it actually belonged to Ced and was given to him one Easter when he was a very small boy, so it's about 73 years old. 
I seem to have quite a collection of egg cups but this is the one I always use and always have done ever since I met him. Dippy egg and soldiers just wouldn't be the same without it!


  1. I still use the same egg cup I had as a child whenever I return home to my parents (it dates form the 1950s and is in the shape of a poodle) and my Dad still uses the same egg cup he had at his house. My children (who are both now adults) have their snail shaped egg cups and just the other month their aunty came for a rare visit (who had given them to them many years ago) and was delighted to see them still in our kitchen cupboard. Just shows the power of an ordinary egg cup :)

  2. What a sweet remembrance and way to treasure Ced, Eileen. I don't recall us ever using egg cups - I assume they are for soft-boiled eggs?

    I've never been fond of roosters - spending too much time on farms as a child where they were scary - but they are a sign of wealth (which I take to mean spiritual prosperity, not money) so I have a couple of small handcrafted roosters on the ledge in my kitchen to remind me to count my blessings. It seems you use your egg cup the same way!

  3. What a cute cup! I haven't used an egg cup in years; brought back memories of growing up. I agree, this is a keeper and not one to discard in your decluttering.