Street Plants

Lucy over at Loose and Leafy challenges us to look out for street plants, that is the ones that have seeded themselves and are growing where they really shouldn't be.
Earlier this month I went on a mystery coach tour and ended up in the city of Gloucester where I spent my time taking photographs, including quite a few of street plants.  The following photos were taken in a couple of roads just off the main shopping centre.

Later the day, we moved on to Chepstow Castle where I took these photos.


  1. These were interesting, in so many different locations too! You wonder how they can survive the elements, but it looks like they are doing just fine with it! I think the only street plant I've seen here is what grows up in the cracks in the driveway.


  2. When I first saw the subject street plants I thought it was rather curious but the range of plants you have found is amazing. I am particularly taken with your 4th and 5th pictures and I guess that is a buddleia In the next one. They will grow anywhere!

  3. I was thinking the same about the buddleia! I love this set of pictures and I like to have a photographic theme sometimes when I go out.

  4. I'm not sure my first comment went through ... sorry if this is a repeat!

    I enjoyed your photo compositions – you have a great eye, obviously. I especially like the combinations of fresh green plants and weathered structures.

  5. Plants are funny, aren't they? You prepare a bed with well tilled enriched soils and they refuse to grow for you, but, others find some tiny crack somewhere and seem to thrive! :D

    1. I think all plants have a sense of humour!


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