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The weekend was a bit of a washout.  It was band practice on Saturday morning which was okay to start with and then I started to feel ill.  I made it through until the end but went to bed as soon as I got home and slept for a while. I spent the rest of the day either sleeping or checking blogs on my iPad.  Sunday was also spent in bed either sleeping, reading or checking blogs!

It was supposed to be the photo an hour for April on Sunday, organised by Jane and Louise, but I obviously wasn't in a fit state to take any photos so I've done it for today instead.  I'm also linking with Sian's Me on Monday.

You'll have to use your imagination for the start of the day as I forgot that I needed to take the photos and only remembered after I'd been up for a couple of hours.  

7:30am | leaving home.  Today is a teaching day and I've opted to take my flute as it's the lightest instrument to carry.  I'm still feeling fairly fragile.

8:30am | I've arrived at my first school and am getting ready to teach.  Some of the children have already arrived at school at left their instruments in the library, ready for their music lesson.

9:30am | I have an hours break because of the new whole-school spelling initiative so have relocated to the staff room for a hot drink and to read my book.  I'm glad of the break today.

10:30am | Time to start working again.  I'm just about to go into this classroom to teach a recorder lesson.

11:30am | Continuing with the music lessons.  It's difficult to do a photo an hour on a teaching day as I'm not allowed to photograph any of the children.

12:30pm | Walking back to my car.  I never park in the school car park at this school as I have to leave early so don't want my car to be blocked in.  It's just a five minute walk to the village club where I park.  There are horses in the field on the left and usually they come over to the fence but they were over the other side of the field today.

1:30pm | I'm in my afternoon school, baking hot in a room/cupboard with no window; it's attached to the kitchen and it's where they store the dinner tables and chairs. Lack of space is always a problem in the older village schools.  The children are fun to teach though so that makes up for it.

2:30pm | I've finished teaching for the day and decided to call in and visit a friend on my way home.  I only stayed for a coffee and a quick chat.

3:30pm | At home and updating my registers and invoice, sorting out my diary and trying to book a hospital appointment. 

4:30pm | Just relaxing.  I'm curled up on the sofa in the living room doing nothing at all. These flowers were a gift from a friend.

5:30pm | A little bit of piano practice, soon abandoned for today because I was too tired to concentrate and was making too many mistakes!

6:30pm | Sitting at the table after my evening meal, just enjoying the light.

7:30pm | Watering the plants.

8:30pm | I've settled down for an evening of reading ... this book and also catching up with various blogs.  

That's the final photo of the day.  The rest of the evening will be spent reading but I won't bother to take any more photographs as they'd all be the same!


  1. Hoping you feel all back to normal soon! LOL with my pictures if I did this; for eight hours it would be just one picture of me sitting at my desk working (well I do get up for lunch and bathroom breaks). Its a cute concept though! I think that walking you do to your car is probably refreshing!


  2. I hope you are feeling a lot better soon..sometimes relaxing and reading can be just the right thing to do.

    I like the picture of all the instruments stacked up ready for lessons..that's a sight we're familiar with here too.

    Have a good week Eileen. And take it easy whenever you get the chance!

  3. Hope you feel better soon Eileen. I like the watering photo. I have been doing the same. More watering in fact than I would expect for this time of year.

  4. I hope you feel better soon, Eileen. Take good care of yourself. Love Carole

  5. Yay, thanks for taking part! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well though, hope you get recover soon, take care xx

  6. The photo below 2:30 p.m. of the stone steps leading to the gate is so pretty!

    1. It is a very pretty village. Lots of the gardens look like this.


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