Sunday, 5 April 2015

95/365: The Wishing Rock

So far this year my decluttering efforts have been focused on the things I want to get rid of.  All very necessary as there is so much that needs to go, but this month I'm having a bit of a change and will be looking at the special items I want to keep.

Sorry about the rubbish photo - I don't know why it was so difficult to get a decent image loaded but unfortunately, this was the best I could do.  It's actually a much darker grey and both the lines around it are white, not the orangey colour that has appeared since Blogger has (yet again!) lightened and altered the exposure.

I don't know what type of rock it is; I've been told literally hundreds of time but seem to have a slight problem retaining the information! It always brings to mind one of the Easter Island statues only this is much, much smaller, only about 7 inches tall and it now sits quite comfortably on my living room window sill.  I don't know whether he bought it or found it, but it was in Ced's house the first time I went there and it's been in every home we've had since.  I can't image not seeing it every day, so of course it is staying. 

Rocks and stones like this, with the white veins forming a complete circle, are known as 'wishing stones'.  Each circle is supposed to give you one wish, so we were doubly lucky as this one has two!


  1. Not only is it a lovely item to look at but a lovely story behind it. I have never heard of a wishing stone, shall be looking for one now :) xx

  2. It's a very intriguing rock and looks like it would be very tactile. I never knew they were called wishing stones. What would be your two wishes then? Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  3. I have a little "lucky" pebble in my handbag. Mr M found it on a beach somewhere and gave it to me because it has the circle of white quartz that makes it very lucky. I have never met anyone else who knew about that white line/wish thing before, we obvioulsy went to the same school of mythology