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I'm back in the garden for my 5 in 5 again this month - I hope it's okay to repeat the same theme as last month?  It's a bit lacking in flowers but there are plenty of buds giving the promise of a good show in the next few weeks.

I'll start with the daffodils, which have finally decided to make an appearance - it won't be long until they are in full bloom.  There's only a handful as I forgot to plant most of the spring bulbs!

Moving round behind the garage, the white pieris is getting ready to flower.  The pink one, which is on the patio, is still in full flower as well.

The spirea, which is by the back fence, is just starting to show this year's leaves.

And just along from there, the red stemmed dogwood is also showing its new growth of leaves.

Finally, in pots on the patio are some grape hyacinths, a gift from a friend.

Elsewhere in the garden, there are plenty of buds on the three clematis plants, the euonymus is starting to wake up, and the raspberries are just starting to show signs of new growth.  There are still loads of red berries on the cotoneaster, the buddleia is shooting up, a couple of the heathers are still flowering and the hydrangea is just starting to show signs that it survived the winter!  It all looks very promising!


  1. Very pretty and colorful! Always good to see plants growing :)


  2. Very clear lovely pictures. Spring does seem a little late this year

  3. LOL what a surprise!! Great minds think alike on our springtime anticipation!!

    These are lovely photos of buds; I love every single stage in the seasonal cycles of plants from early buds to falling leaves to the beautiful colored bark on some varieties during winter's freeze.

  4. What beautiful photos Eileen!!
    I enjoyed the walk round your garden, it sounds a lot more colourful than my own and you have captured the detail so well. I love the tiny cobweb on the red stemmed dogwood! Your daffodils seem slower to flower than ours. We have a local garden that has meadows of daffodils and they are probably becoming past their best now. Still a wonderful sight to see though.
    Enjoy watching your garden spring into life over the coming weeks and thank you for sharing these on my 5 in 5 challenge. I always enjoy your posts. Sorry I am late in visiting, my grand daughters came to stay and kept me busy but we had lots of fun!

  5. Oh! these are a really lovely set of spring pictures. I love the red dogwood.


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