Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I'm Following a Tree | April 2015

My tree at the start of April looks very much as it did at the start of March.  Whatever it is planning to do with all its catkins and buds, it hasn't done it yet! My only consolation is that the other birch trees close by it haven't woken up to the fact that it's spring yet either.
When I was round by my tree today, a local man spoke to me.  I've seen him around with his camera but we were only on nodding terms until today.  "You're the lady that photographs trees!" he said, to which I replied "only this one". It turns out there is a female photographer who is recording all of the trees on the estate, so I'm on the look out for her.  Mike, the local man, was quite knowledgeable about my tree; although it is more commonly known as a silver birch (quite a pretty name I think), it is also called the warty birch (not such a pretty name), and when he pointed it out I can see where the name comes from - the newer branches are covered in whitish resin warts.  I've tried to show them in the following photo.

In the absence of any other changes, here's a few more photos of the peeling bark.

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  1. Beautiful blue skies!
    Great close-ups of the bark!
    When it does wake up to Spring, I predict it will change so fast you'll be making photos every day just to keep up with it.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love the bark of your birch! So lovely--it reminds me of sycamore that is common in my area. I'll second Lea--your close-ups are great! I kinda like "warty" birch....

  3. I had heard that my "weeping" birch is a silver birch, so I checked Google. Yes it is, but probably a cultivar with especially weeping (pendulous) branches. Certainly looks different from your tree overall. This form is popular for landscaping here in cool Laramie (Wyoming).

  4. The bark on your tree is truly beautiful! I'm sure you were excited to see the catkins and buds. That first sign of life in the spring is tremendously uplifting. You're lucky to have run into your new friend! It's always nice to learn something new from an expert!

  5. What a difference a name makes. Warty birch = I don't want one of those. Silver birch = why haven't I planted one yet? You may have written about this in earlier posts, but do tell us something about where the tree lives.