The Year In Books | April 2015

My first read this month was the choice of both book groups, Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey.  This has had a lot of positive reviews and seemed to feature on a lot of blogs, so I was a bit worried that it wouldn't live up to the hype.  But it did!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, liked the style of writing and found the characters and story line to be believable, especially the portrayal of the main character who had Alzheimer. 

I also read Syren, Queste, Darke and Fyre by Angie Sage, which means I've now completed all the Septimus Heap books and have kept my promise to my pupils, which was to read the entire series.  That must earn me a Brownie point or two!  The entire series was well written and, although intended for children, is an enjoyable read for adults as well. 

My final read was Gok Wan's autobiography, Through Thick and ThinI just picked this one at random from the biography shelf in the library as I've set myself a challenge to read more biographies this year.  I've seen his programme on TV a few times so know what he looks like and what he does, but admit to being surprised at his younger self - a victim of bullying due to his weight problems and his subsequent life threatening struggle with anorexia.  The book was a real eye-opener and I enjoyed it, despite his (occasional) colourful language!  It was very simply written and I actually read it in a day, but he was very open about what he'd been through, was perceptive about how his struggles had made him the person he is today and his love for his family simply shines through the book.

Earlier in the month I started reading The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North, but I somehow managed to misplace my copy.  I eventually found it in my saxophone case (I have no idea how it got there!), so I'm adding that one to my list for April.  My second choice is Driving Miss Smith: A Memoir of Linda Smith by Warren Lakin, and there will also be a couple of book group choices.  The Dewey 24 hour Read-a-Thon is scheduled for the weekend of 25th/26th April and I'm planning to take part again, so I'll be off to the library to choose something suitable to read for that - any recommendations of easy reads (mystery, detective, crime, fantasy) will be very much appreciated.
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  1. I didn't know Gok Wan had problems with weight, and anorexia, I have only ever seen him in adverts but I think I might like to find out more about him now. I loved Elizabeth is missing, I thought the author did very well describing the decline of Maude's health and her deteriorating dementia from Maude's perspective. I am glad you found the your Harry August copy, it is a fun read. Happy reading.


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