Tuesday, 7 April 2015

97/365: F is for ... the Flower Paintings

So far this year my decluttering efforts have been focused on the things I want to get rid of.  All very necessary as there is so much that needs to go, but this month I'm having a bit of a change and will be looking at the special items I want to keep.

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I bought these paintings fifteen years ago on a trip to the Ideal Home Exhibition.  They were one of my more successful purchases from there - the stallholders in 'gadget alley' used to see my friends and myself coming and we'd always come away with a gadget or two that 'we couldn't do without', but which never worked quite as well once we'd got it home so eventually was relegated to the back of the cupboard!
I digress! The paintings are in the dining room and provide bright splashes of colour against the white walls and I'm keeping them for the simple reason that I like them.   Oh, and because of the writing on the back of them, something Ced did on the back of most of the picture we've owned. 
I can actually remember him writing on these; we were in the kitchen in the house I owned at the time (three houses ago).  I'd just moved in and we were debating where all the pictures should go.  I'd made a coffee and was sat on the worktop and he was sat on the floor with all the picture around him.  Just an ordinary moment really but a happy memory none the less.  


  1. What a lovely memory to go with two lovely paintings. X

  2. How neat for Ced to have welcomed the pictures home like that! Great idea too to remember when you got them. They are bright and cheery ones too!