Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Good Day

It's been a lovely day ... a bit of a drab wet start, but it soon brightened up and I've been out enjoying myself all day.

I've been to Clark's Village, a designer outlet shopping centre in Street - this carousel is in the central square.  I spent rather a lot of money but all on things I needed, no impulse buys - I was very good at sticking to my list! I have come home with two tops, a cardigan and two pairs of shoes.  Also, so that I have the correct gear to start walking with the local walking group, I bought a pair of walking shoes, a waterproof coat and two pairs of decent socks.  And I managed to get a small cafetiere to replace the one I broke ages ago.  All in all, a successful days shopping!
Oh, and I was a proper blogger for once and photographed my drink ...


  1. Sounds very productive. We normally come back with a lot of things not on our list. I like the cafe in the High St in the Antiques centre called Mad Hatters or something. They do lovely lunches but Brian hates it! Walking group sounds good.

  2. Sounds like a productive day! Like that drink; I bet it tasted delicious!


  3. I do like Street, not just Clark's but all the charity shops in the high street too :-) I love the 1930's lido as well, I can quite easily spend a whole day in the town shopping, swimming and eating! :-) xx