Monday, 13 April 2015

Me on Monday

It's been an end of the holiday so it's back to school for you sort of day. A straight into it to prepare for the concerts later this term sort of day.  A happy day full of smiling children with pathetic excuses for not doing enough practicing (they just don't have the flair we used to have as youngsters!), sunny weather and my first lunchtime picnic of the year.  
I'm just sneaking a coffee and a rest of sorts before this evening.  Julie and her friend L are coming round.  Apparently I know L, but can't for the life of me think who she is, so it'll be interesting if nothing else.  We will be joined by Ellie who is going to read our cards.  I went with Julie to have our cards read last year by her; before we went I was very sceptical about it and kind of thought that in some way, because you know what is supposed to happen, you somehow made the predictions come true.  All very wishy-washy thinking and don't ask me how it would happen, but that's what I thought.  This year, I don't know how I feel as such a lot of it was so accurate last time, so it'll be interesting to see what is said tonight.
As for the weekend, on Saturday I went to Clark's Village for some much needed retail therapy.  It was a spur of the moment decision to go but I'm glad I did as it did me good. I went with the same coach company that did the mystery tour as it worked out to be much the same cost as it would have been for my petrol and parking, but joining the coach meant that I didn't have to drive!  So five hours non stop shopping later and I was shattered and in bed for an early night.
On Sunday I surprised myself.  Well, shocked myself would be more accurate. I spent the day cleaning the house ... and enjoyed it.  I'm not usually enthusiastic about housework so to actually enjoy it ... is that normal?  Please reassure me that I'm not losing the plot!!  I calmed myself down by going online and ordering some plants for delivery at the end of May and then had a relaxing evening watching Vera on the TV.
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  1. Always fun to go back to school and get into the routine after a break. I think that was wise when you went shopping to let someone drive for you; you got to enjoy the scenery and probably wasn't as tired as if you had driven. I always like to clean house; I do a little bit every day so I don't have to spend one day "devoted" to it. I was on a house cleaning strike for four years (long story) which recently got settled this past January and I do find I am enjoying once again cleaning up the house :)


  2. Oh, yes! It felt very back-to-school here too. We had a great couple of weeks here.

    I like the sound of letting the bus take the strain and I hope you bought something nice!

    Have a great week. We watched Vera too..and wrongly guessed who the guilty party was

  3. Hi Eileen, great back to school! I loved being a teacher;))! About the House I also don't appreciate and right now I've been doing a little slower. Today I went a couple hours vacuuming and cleaning the foot and now I'm the rest by visiting the blogs! Hugs,

  4. If you've got the bug, I have plenty of housework to go round! :o) Maybe all this decluttering and appreciation of treasures has made the job a bit easier to do and rewarding once complete?

  5. I don't particularly like cleaning but occasionally have a mad go at the house and it looks all sparkly and clean - not for long tho.

    This morning himself informed me he had taken the large box of ornaments etc to the charity shop to save me a trip - how kind you might say. However , the box was the ornaments I had sorted out to sell at a car boot sale once the weather bucks up! He was mortified when I told him he had taken the wrong box! Best laid plans and all that!