The October Garden

Here's the back garden as we near the end of October. 

The hanging baskets have been emptied and the containers are stacked in the garage ready for next year. I've decided against having winter ones, although I reserve the right to change my mind on that, there's still time!

The fuchsia at the bottom of the photo is still going strong but the one in the pot behind it has given up for the year. The perennial nemesia in the two pots in the bottom right hand corner were getting really leggy and were cut back at the end of last month so they'll have a better shape ready for next year.

The pots of annuals are still giving some colour but don't really bear close inspection at this time of the year. The Japanese blood grass continues to delight and I'll be getting some more of it next year.

There's still colour in the centre bed from the salvia, geraniums and verbena but the cosmos is pretty much over for the year and will be removed next time M is here. It's looked so good this year that I will plant the same variety - cosmos sensation mixed - next year. The gladioli won't last much longer and a neighbourhood cat has taken to sitting on them so the stems are bent. We'll have to stake them next year ... you can see them in the bottom right of the garden by the trellis.

I thought the Dark Eyes fuchsia (by the garage wall, bottom left of photo) had finished for the year but the warmer days and daily showers has encouraged some more flowers from it ... that's my favourite fuchsia in the garden.

The warmer days and daily showers have encouraged the roses as well so, with the exception of the Eden rose, I've been enjoying new blooms on all the other roses ...

... and for the first time ever the autumn flowering camelia is covered in buds.

To finish ... the single pomegranate, though still very small, is holding on and has doubled in size.

293/365: baby pomegranate


  1. I didn't know pomegranates could grow in the UK - I shall investigate

  2. Your garden is still looking good. My fuchsias are still in flower although not nearly as nice as your Dark Eyes. Your pomegranate is doing really well, impressive.

  3. Your garden is so beautiful. xx

  4. Your garden is looking great in October! I just love all the color you still have and how the vines are growing up the lattices. The little pomegranate is doing well, too! I hope it continues to grow!

  5. The warm weather is giving the gardens an extra lease of life, I have begonias in my garden and they are brilliant for colour this time of year. Enjoy your garden colour.

  6. Your garden continues giving you such pleasure. We are also enjoying, thanks for sharing the photos :) I really like that cream coloured pot with the swirls in it.

  7. Hmmm . . . there is still lovely blooms to look at in your garden. And I am betting there will be a bit of a winter addition to the garden.

  8. Your garden is hanging on to its colour well, we have already had to cut back the roses and the fuchsias, earlier than usual but think it was down to the very hot weather we had. I do have some Welsh poppies that have come back into flower with the weather being warmer, I think. Helen S.

  9. Wow it's still looking really lovely! All the hard work has paid off.


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