Thursday 21st July

202/365: this is the pink rose that wasn't doing too well
It seems to have sorted itself out and now has two flowers and some more buds

Thankfully it was much cooler yesterday. I was able to keep the patio doors open all day, didn't need the fan and there was a lovely gentle breeze. It was overcast all day so the lack of bright sunlight helped with getting through the after effects of the migraine. Sadly the promised rainfall didn't come to anything, just a few drops late afternoon which did nothing to help the garden or clear the air.

My laptop has gone wrong now and won't connect to the Internet so that's a priority to sort out. The trouble-shooter program says that the relevant software on the laptop isn't working and to reinstall it but my poor little brain can't work out how to access the internet to download and reinstall the new software when the existing software isn't working and I can't go online! I don't have the cables to use my phone or tablet as the WiFi source to access the website but the laptop could do with a service anyway so it may be time to get Kate, my friendly computer expert, in to have a look at it and let her puzzle it out ... I know my limits! Until then it'll be phone photos only on the blog which means I will have to take some extra images for my monthly challenge as all the ones I've taken are on my camera and I can't upload them until the laptop is sorted.

I've signed up to try the Simply Cook kits mentioned by Joy on her foodie blog. My first freebie box should be with with me in a few days and this is a link to get the introductory offer if any of you are interested ... I'll get another freebie box if anyone signs up using this code. I will hold off doing a top up shop until the box  arrives ... Simply Cook provides the spices and sauces but I will need to provide all the other ingredients so I'll wait to check the menu cards and buy whatever I don't already have in stock. For my first recipes I've chosen Goan fish curry, miso cod, red lentil and squash curry, and lamb keema matar ... the first two because I have lots of fish in the freezer to use up and the other two are recipes I know I will enjoy and should have most of the ingredients in stock. 

Today's task is to wash the kitchen/dining room floors so that shouldn't take too long. The dining room stuff is piled in the living room, music room, kitchen, and hallway, so nothing else will get done until it's all returned to its proper place after Saturday. So it means another day of doing very little, not that I'm complaining you understand. If it stays cool I'd like to get out for a walk but if not it's another day of reading, eating, drinking and napping!


  1. It was lovely yesterday, much cooler and a very welcome breeze but no rain, the grass is looking very scorched everywhere. I'm useless with technical stuff so can't help you I'm afraid. I can't help you with a code for another freebie box either either, I'm useless at cooking much just lately with having one painful arm but those meals do sound nice. Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.

    1. I much prefer this cooler weather to the hot days, though a bit of sunshine would be nice. It's overcast again.

      I just can't get my head round the laptop problem but feel that there must be an easy way to do it. I'm phoning Kate later on to arrange for her to get it all sorted out.

      I knew your arm was painful but hadn't realised that it was impacting quite so much on what you can do, things like cooking. I hope you get a hospital appointment soon.

      Thanks, and hope you have a good day too.

  2. That rose is beautiful and well worth the wait! And look at those glossy, dark green foliage!
    I'm glad it is cooler now and you are feeling more comfortable. But, so sorry to hear about the laptop troubles! Hope it can be fixed, soon.
    The meal prep kits sound interesting. Hope you enjoy the meals you've signed up to get.
    Hope you get your kitchen/dining room floors washed and then, relax and take it easy. Have a lovely day, Eileen.

    1. The rose has earned a reprieve. It was one of the ones to be replaced but now I'll wait to see how it does next year. It's very pretty.

      I'm feeling much better now it's cooled down. The laptop is overdue a service but I could have done without it going wrong right now it's just another thing to add to the list!

      I think the meal kits will work well for me. The first box should arrive on Monday so I will soon know!

      I've washed the floor already so am already enjoying the relaxing part of the day. 😊

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling a little revived & that there has been a break in the extreme heat, ours is still an issue for another few days. The meal prep kits sounds like a good alternative for you. Simply Cook is not available this side of the pond; I did once check into those meal kits such as Hello Fresh, but because Mr Man & I have such different food needs it was not possible to match up to the meal box plans, plus they are really expensive.

    1. Another couple of days of that heat is not good. Thankfully it is much cooler here today and with the breeze I actually felt chilly when I was out in the garden this morning! The house is currently only 21°c so it's comfortable.

      It makes it easier when I only have to consider myself. I wouldn't have done it if I was still cooking for CED as he didn't like spicy foods or too many meals with pasta or rice. I


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