Tuesday 26th July

207/365: crocosmia Lucifer

I made a start on finding new homes for the kitchen equipment yesterday. I got as far as moving things out of the kitchen cupboards and off the worktop and finding places in the new units. It's a start at least, though I'm sure there will be lots of moving things round before I settle on the best arrangement.

My friend's daughter came round in the afternoon and I have now met her second child, RB. He's 11 weeks old now and hasn't had the easiest start in life with two hospital stays, a bout of Covid, and now a bad cough, but he is a gorgeous little boy who treated me to lots of smiles and I had enough cuddles to keep me going until I see him again.

My nephew, A, was supposed to call in later in the evening to sort out a problem with one of the toilet seats but we cancelled because his wife has tested positive for Covid. Even though he has tested negative we decided it wasn't worth the risk.

Today's task is to move all the books back into the dining room ... they are currently blocking access to the piano and I really need to do some practice. I want to sort through the books as the numbers have crept up again and my sister has another load to bring round. The plan is to reduce the novels by a third, so about 25 books need to go. 

It's my personal training session this afternoon - painful knees today, so am not really looking forward to it but I'm sure it will be fine. I'm completely out of postage stamps so will pop into the post office on the way home, and that's about it for the day. I'll be trying my second Simply Cook kit so it's red lentil and squash curry for tonight's meal, another portion for tomorrow and hopefully one for the freezer. The first kit, miso cod, was lovely so I have high hopes for this one.


  1. Love the color on your crocosmia!
    Oh, that poor little baby has had a very rough start, but, he sounds delightful! Glad you got in plenty of cuddles! Sorry to hear about your nephew's wife; hope she recovers quickly.
    Sounds like a busy day with putting things away, sorting through books, piano practice, and personal training! Plus cooking. Hope your knees feel better as the day progresses. Take care.

    1. He's a very happy little chap, same as his big sister.

      Thanks re my nephew's wife. It's the second time she's had it but hopefully the two girls or A won't get it again.

      I've put the books away and now just have to finish sorting through the ones I've decided to pass on, just in case I've missed a good one! So far the knee is not getting any better so am reading for awhile to rest the knee before I go to PT.

  2. What a shame the little boy has been so poorly yet he's loving his cuddles and that would have been so lovely for you. I hope your nephew doesn't catch the dreaded virus and hope his wife recovers quickly. I hope your training session goes well without too much discomfort and enjoy your meal tonight.

    1. Thanks Eileen. He seems to be doing well now and is being closely monitored by the GP and hospital for the next year, so hopefully it will all go well.

      That part of the family have all had Covid before so this is the second time for my nephew's wife. Hopefully it'll be a mild case and she can recover quickly.

      I'm resting my knee before the PT and will get a snack before I go. Fingers are crossed that it goes well!

  3. Your crocosmia is certainly very full, I lost an entire clump of crocosmia :(

    I do hope that your friend's baby will make a full recovery from COVID & no lasting or under lying illness. Fingers crossed your nephew still healthy; it sounds odd to say hope someone stays negative. Hopefully in your fitness session those knees loosen up & give you no grief :)

    1. It's the bright red crocosmia, the only variety I like. Sorry to hear that you've lost some of yours.

      The baby has fully recovered from his bout of Covid but is being monitored for the illness that put him in hospital the first time. Hopefully he'll be discharged from the consultant when he reaches his first birthday.

      Yes it does sound odd to wish for negative results but I know what you mean. 😊

  4. Baby cuddles and too many books sounds . . . . splendid!


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